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There is one moneymaking strategy that stands "head and shoulders" above the rest. In fact, it has been called "the ultimate way to create an absolutely dependable source of cash."

You are about to discover a way of making a very high income that is safer than stocks, that is much less time consuming than real estate investing, and that beats anything else you may have tried or heard about.

What's more, you can start using this "perfected method" immediately and in the privacy of your own home without telling anyone else about the source of your "new wealth!"

"If You Would Like to Make From $152.22 to $2,258.60 an hour, safely, quickly and in the most pleasant way you can imagine, then the Power Craps Strategy is for you!"


On the next few pages I am going to reveal exactly how you can set up a "lifetime earning stream" that is more dependable than the interest you get on your savings account.

Forget what you have heard about how risky gambling is and let me share with you some of the most important news you will ever receive.


From: Martin J. Silverthorne
Tuesday, 10:43 AM


If you are like many of my friends and acquaintances, you have been struggling just to "stay even."

Whether you have been job hopping, sweating out getting a promotion, trying and failing at multi-level marketing or mail order or setting up an internet business, I know you have been very disappointed and even discouraged.

Maybe you have decided to go back to school and try to add some impressive credentials to your resume. Or maybe you browse the bookstores looking for that special book that will tell you how to become an investment guru or a world class speculator.

Do you know what the scariest part of trying to find that special system or method that seems to be missing from your life is?

You are racing against time. Every minute or hour that you lose either from indecision, procrastination,  just plain confusion, or even from fear, is lost forever. Sometimes it seems like only a chosen few are getting ahead while you remain stuck in neutral, just trying to find the right gear to get you started.

"There is not an easier or more powerful way of making money around.  Period. Congrats to you.  This is the best!"
Dennis E.- Norcross GA


I honestly hate to think of you wasting another day, another week or watching another year just sort of flow by without achieving the kind of success you deserve. Regardless of how most money making schemes are presented, you have probably learned the hard way that most are not only ineffective, but may become time and money pits that you have to keep "adding to" without getting the return you dream about.

In the next few pages I am going to show you a different way of making money that is unlike anything you have tried before.

It is a method that on the surface may sound much too risky to even consider.

Yet, if you stay with me for just a few more moments, you will learn how the casino game of craps can be turned into a dependable money source.

In fact, this new money source is as close as your nearest computer, because you don't even have to leave home to turn on what has been called "a remarkably consistent source of ready cash."

The Power Craps Strategy is the strategy that my associates and I use regularly to "remove" thousands of dollars from unsuspecting casinos.

In fact, our method is so reliable that we can play any craps game, and, in a matter of just a few minutes, create a nice profit and walk away with all of our winnings intact.

This strategy is being used right now by a group of dedicated players who quietly and safely extract thousands of dollars every hour from casinos that cannot stop our system from working.

In the next few pages I am going to give you the essential tools to become a fearsome "craps entrepreneur" and the basic knowledge to begin your own journey towards unlimited cash flows. 

In fact, if you will just ask me, I will even send you
a complete book that will show you exactly how my associates and I make as much as $10,000 a week for very little work and in a low hassle, high reward manner that puts just about every other moneymaking system to shame.

I am talking about the 100% tested and proven Power Craps Strategy. This is the same highly dependable and very consistent system that my friends and I use to . . .

  • Win $147.26 an hour making minimum bets in land-based casinos, hour after hour, day after day, and week after profitable week!

  • Consistently make $442.34 an hour playing on the Internet making just $5 wagers.

  • Build up our bankrolls to higher and higher levels that multiply our "earning rate" even higher.

  • Create reliable sources of income that are so dependable that one of my associates, Ross M., called it "the quickest source of cash short of robbing banks."

And, this is just the beginning . . .

What I have waiting for you is like no other moneymaking method you have ever experienced. It is a perfected strategy that has been exhaustively tested and is guaranteed to work. And, it is so predicable that once you learn it you can actually plan on how much your "hourly winnings" will be.

Furthermore, it is so consistent that I can tell you when you use it, you will make an average return of 30.4% per hour on the amount of money you "invest" in any game.

What's more, if you play in the faster online casinos, you will more than triple your hourly win rate.

Here's Some Examples of How 
You Will Do - 

If you are a $5 bettor, averaging $147.26 an hour in land-based games, you can give yourself an immediate raise by playing on the Internet and pulling in an average $442.34 playing exactly the same way at the same betting level.

And, if you really want to move up to the big leagues, I will show you how you can move up to $589.05 or even $736.30 an hour in land-based casinos.

If you want to "take it easy" and just play from home, you'll learn how to quickly build up your winnings to from $761.10 to $2,258.60 an hour!

These winning rates are based on documented winnings I have on file and not speculation. If others can win these amounts, you can too!


Here's what a few other players have said about their experiences as Power Craps players -

"Since I am a little superstitious about stating my success, I will tell you that I just started using your basic (conservative) system on the Internet and have a 6 win, zero loss record. I am only betting on the pass/don't in the combos from 1 to point 10 - I am not placing any numbers!

"I am well satisfied with my $500 a day wins."
Dudley M. Springfield, Virginia, USA


"I mentioned in my previous letter that I am playing on the Internet. Doing well, went from $,1000 to $2,500 and increased to the next level.

"I really like this system. Being a novice to begin with, I am going a bit slow, but again you did a great job on the book and I would be interested in others you have written."
Les. T. - Tyler, Texas, USA


"Received your book earlier this week and without a doubt it is the best work I have found on craps. I have bought five different books from you.

"Power Craps is undoubtedly the best. Why? Much easier to implement, which is the key to any system.

"I am a former CPA, quit practicing years ago in favor of speculating, stocks, real estate, even commodities, which I do now.

"While I speculated with the above, I rarely have placed many bets in Las Vegas because I knew it was there for the casinos to win. I like speculation, but I like it in my favor. Power Craps does that for me."
George W. - Seattle, Washington, USA


"I ordered your Power Craps. Had to read through it a couple of times to get the hang of pass and don't pass. I use the 5-10-20 etc.

"Made $150 in about 30 minutes. My son playing with me lost about $200 in the same time frame using his old methods of the 6 and 8 and come bets. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Thank you."
George B., Greenfield, Wisconsin, USA


Do You Want to Know the Secret Behind This Incredible Strategy?

I have been gambling in casinos since 1980 when I learned to shoot craps. Since then I have learned to play just about every casino game. 

I have experienced the thrill of winning over $24,000 in a single craps session.

I have beaten the blackjack game, both with card counting (now almost impossible to use) and by using special betting progressions and careful loss control techniques.

I have played and won at roulette, video poker and even slot machines.

Throughout the years, if I have learned anything about gambling it is that There is No Magic Bet or Single Piece of Information That Will Make You a Winner.

Winning is a combination of astute money management, accurate bet selection, correct timing and lots of discipline. You are probably thinking, "Yeah, yeah, I have heard this stuff before."

"When is he going to get to the meat of it?"

Stay with me. We're almost there.

Most gambling strategies have some ideas about money management, different theories on how to bet, yet another set of rules for selecting tables and finally some almost magic way the author uses to somehow make this profitable.

The Power Craps Strategy is not like any system or moneymaking method you have ever seen.

Every detail of the strategy has been carefully developed, tested and then integrated into a tightly woven system that uses multiple tools that simply overwhelm the casino's built-in house edge. There is no magic elixir, just cold hard battle proven logic.

And, every example, every illustration I am going to show you is backed up with cold hard data that is absolutely irrefutable. There is no unproven theory or wishful thinking here. As Joe Friday of Dragnet fame used to say - "Just the facts ma'am.

Let me give you some very specific information . . .


There is No Magic Elixir, But . . . 

Sometimes it feels like it when you use this perfected system.  Unlike other methods that win more or less haphazardly, only Power Craps uses powerful tested methods that provide consistent reliable winnings.

The results have to be experienced to be truly appreciated.  As one of my students said, "There is no substitute for winning consistently and Power Craps certainly does that."


You Can Make A Huge Amount of Money Just Learning the "Basic Betting Method."

It won't take much money to get started as a Power Craps Prospector. Fifty dollars is all you need to become a Power Player using this strategy.

With that "qualification" out of the way, let me add something else -

You don't have to learn a complicated betting strategy to win.

In fact, it doesn't matter if you know "beans" about the craps game.

Our system is so reliable that you can start winning with zero knowledge about the game and with almost no money.

"To get started, you only have to learn how to make one bet at craps."

That's it for learning the "Basic Betting Method." Just learn how to make one bet, and you will be on the way to making a very handsome income.

"How handsome?" you are wondering.

Well, our files show the following . . .

If you learn the Basic Betting Method, you will -

  • Make $80.41 an hour as a $5 bettor in a land-based game

  • Make $241.76 as a $5 bettor in an Internet game

  • Make $160.82 an hour betting $10 in a land-based casino game

  • Make $483.52 an hour using $10 bets in an online casino

  • Make $402.05 an hour making $25 bets in a "brick and mortar" casino

  • Make $1,208.80 an hour as a $25 player in an Internet casino


Can You Spare $50 to Set up 
a Lifetime of Winnings?

Unlike some methods that require thousands of dollars to get started, Power Craps is so reliable and predictable that you can get started with as little as fifty bucks.  If you are short on cash, or just want to be very cautious before you risk much money, then the Power Craps System is the Best Strategy for you.


The Basic Betting Method uses a unique strategy that was developed exclusively for the craps game.

  • It is a highly refined, yet very easy-to-use strategy that is a proven winner at craps.

  • It is not complicated as you will only make one bet at a time.

  • It is not simplistic like some systems that use outdated and discredited "old-time" gambling systems.

  • It is a scientifically-derived method of play that tells you exactly how to make every play.

  • With this method, there is never any guessing about how much money to wager.

  • You will never have to guess where to make your bet.

  • And, here is something really remarkable. You will know exactly when to quit every game.


Many Players Just Learn the Basic Betting Method and Go On To Make Thousands of Dollars in the Easiest Way Possible!

Here are some of the reasons so many players don't bother to go any further than using the Basic Betting Method:

  • It is a very low stress way of playing. You can totally relax, talk and sip on your cocktail using this simple by highly effective system.

  • It doesn't require any judgment. Many systems require that you constantly make adjustments in your bets and that you concentrate on everything around you at all times. This isn't so if you are a Basic Bettor.

  • You don't have to follow trends to use it. Many systems work only if a table is "hot" or "cold."

Put Your Winnings on "Automatic Pilot"

Many of our players only use the Basic Betting Method.  The power of this method lies in its consistency and ease of use . . 

For example, Diane L. only played slot machines before trying my method.  She was, as she put it, "scared to death of playing craps."  However, she learned the Basic Betting Method in less than one day and now she consistently makes $1,000 a day "whenever she wants."

There is no question that you can do just as well if you just try.


Anyone Can Learn This Strategy and Make "Windfall Type Profits" Every Day Without Fail!

I just received another email from Jason B., who specializes in playing in online casinos.

He usually plays between ten and fifteen hours a week.

I asked him about his latest results - 

"Last week I played for 11 hours and made $9,342."

The previous week Jason played 13 hours and pulled in $10,916. (Jason plays in "high roller casinos and I will send you a special bonus book revealing where you can play if you want to play at this level.)

Kristina lives in Poland and also plays online. She started very small because she had almost no money to spare. She is now making between $1,200 and $1,500 every  week. She tells me that this is a "small fortune" for her.

Burt is a retired actuary. Because of his background in mathematics and statistics, he is very critical of any gambling strategy. He reluctantly agreed to test the Power Craps strategy not really believing that it would work.

He called me last week from Mississippi to report that he had been "cleaning up making $10 wagers" at the craps tables at the Grand Casino Tunica.

Aaron is a former day trader. He specializes in trading stocks of high-tech companies. Amazingly, he actually survived the 2000-2002 market meltdown and even made some money.

However, he much prefers the Power Craps method. I ran into him in a local Indian casino last month. I asked him how he was doing using our craps method.

"I am doing very well. I am now playing at the $10 to $15 betting level and I am making $300 to $400 an hour."

I asked him - "Does winning so much cause any problems? I remember cashing in for over $2,000 one time, and the cashier had to have two bosses approve it. Most players here are losers you know."

He laughed. "I have things under control. I play in three different casinos at different times. I have VIP cards in each casino and I mix in a little slots play with my time playing craps. It seems to throw the bosses off."

"Don't you stand out like a 'sore thumb' being the only winner?" I asked.

"Maybe, but by switching games and casinos as well as giving the bosses an occasional gift, I haven't had any heat. Most of these guys are not very experienced and they certainly don't believe that anyone can win at craps."

"What about your day trading. Are you still matching your wits against other traders?"

"I quit that. Too stressful. I have found that 'casino trading' is a lot more profitable and much easier. Besides, I like getting paid in cash. " He winked and told me he had to run.

I could go on and on telling you about how the Power Craps Strategy is producing extraordinary profits for ordinary people.


The Power of Winning $589.05 An Hour

Please don't underestimate the power of winning $589 or more an hour.  You can easily average this in your favorite land-based casino.  Just think what this would mean -

  • You could lock up $5,000 for a weekend of play.  

  • You could use your winnings to pay for any trip or cruise anywhere in the world.

  • Ten hours a week of "work" will net you almost $6,000.  If you play at this level for 40 weeks a year, that works out to $235,000.

  • Or, you may want to work in spurts like my friend, Marvin C.  He likes to gamble about one week a month and put in about 40 hours.  This gives him a monthly income of $23,000+ and lots of time to enjoy it.



Dr. S., is a retired medical doctor and loves to travel. He and his wife travel to Las Vegas and the Bahamas four or five times a year.

He uses the Silverthorne Blackjack Strategy and the Power Craps Strategy to pay for all of his trips. He is, to say the least, a very satisfied player. In his last email to me he wrote me that he had won over $3,000 using Power Craps on his last trip to the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in Nassau.


Bet Selection is "Automatic" with this strategy -

You probably have a hard time believing that any method can literally pick your bets for you and do it well enough that you will gain an edge over the house.

However, this claim is based on thousands of hours of "rock solid" results obtained in real casinos.

Here's what one user, Trace M., wrote me -

"Before I started using your method I would go crazy trying to figure out if a craps table was hot or cold.  I tried every method ever created and none of them were reliable.

"You have done what thousands of others tried and failed to do.  You have truly discovered the way to consistently outfox the craps table."



You Will Amass Huge Winnings Using This "Hit and Run" Approach

Some strategies might be winners, but they require that you play too long. Card counters in blackjack come to mind. For a card counter there is never an end to a game or a session. Dutiful card counters are expected to "put in the hours" in the hope of eventually building up some kind of winnings.

I don't know about you, but spending eight hours a day at a blackjack table, hoping to make some money, sounds like a very unpleasant way to make a living.

Fortunately, this is nothing like the way the Power Craps player will play. With the Power Craps Strategy, every game has a definite stopping spot so that you never have to get involved in marathon playing sessions.

How you play will be strictly determined by you and not by some arbitrary set of rules.

In fact, every aspect of Power Craps is geared to short-term or what gamblers call "Hit and Run" play.

  • Most games in land-based casinos last about an hour, but can be played for even shorter times if you so choose.

  • Internet games are much quicker, usually less than 30 minutes. However, the system is so flexible and reliable that you can play for as little as five minutes and still rack up a win.

  • Every game has a suggested "Target Amount" of winnings. You can play longer if you like or settle for a smaller target and play a shorter game. No other system is this precise.

  • Because it is a "Hit and Run" Strategy, you will have complete control over your play.

Where you play craps, how much you invest in a game and how long you play all affect how fast you can win with this strategy.

Stated quite simply, the faster the game and the higher your betting level, the quicker your profits will mount up.


The Power Craps Approach Eliminates 
All Guesswork About When to Quit Playing

Most gambling systems really don't give you much guidance about when to stop playing.  Of course, with the typical system, you'll know it's time to quit when you lose all of your money.

Power Craps is unique in that you will have a predetermined stopping point for every gaming session.  Before you change a single bill into casino chips, you will know exactly when to quit.

The beauty of this special knowledge is that you will automatically be using the most effective "hit and run" techniques ever created.  The results?  You will effortlessly beat the casinos game after game.



Let me show you how ten fairly typical games played in a land-based casino turned out.

These games were played using $5 as the base bet and only using the Basic Betting Strategy. They were played at the Golden Nugget and Binion's Horseshoe Club in downtown Las Vegas.

Ten Craps Games Using $5 Bets with the 
Basic Betting Strategy




Number of Dice Rolls

-----Time Played-----






64 min

21 min

+ $200



56 min

19 min

+ $100



173 min

58 min

+ $100



66 min

22 min

+ $100



65 min

22 min

+ $100



66 min

22 min

+ $100



52 min

17 min

+ $100



85 min

28 min

+ $100



108 min

36 min

+ $100



85 min

28 min

+ $100



821 min

273 min



This series of games took 821 minutes or 13 hours and 41 minutes. The actual playing times are shown in the table.

I took the liberty of converting the times spent in the Las Vegas casinos to "approximate equivalent times" if the same games had been played online.

Thus, for each game there is a "Time Played" notation for both Casino play and Online play.

Look at game #2 for example. There were 47 dice rolls in this game, which took 56 minutes to play in a Las Vegas casino. This same game would have taken about 19 minutes to play online.

You will notice that except for the first game, all games resulted in $100 wins. This in not coincidental, and I didnít round off any numbers to come up with these figures

The $100 game wins reflect an important aspect of the Power Gambling Strategy -

When you are using the Basic Betting Strategy, you will always play for set "Target Amounts."

In this series of games, except for the first game which had a $200 target, all of the games had $100 target wins and were ended when the targets were reached.

This is yet another example of the precision of this playing strategy -

When you use the Power Craps Strategy, nothing is left to chance. Even the amount of your winnings for a game are planned in advance.


The Power of Playing for Targeted Wins

If you have ever gambled you know that one of the biggest headaches is knowing when to quit.  For most players, it never seems like the right time.

If you are behind (like most players) you may feel compelled to keep playing to win some back or "get even."

If you are ahead, then why would you want to quit?  Unfortunately, what goes up must come down and winnings are quickly lost when you don't know when to stop.

Power Craps is unique in that you can literally create your target winnings amount for each game before you start playing.  Quitting is easy, you stop playing when you hit your target.

Powell P. told me about how he uses this system -

"I am now at the $1,000 per game level.  This is my 'Win Target.'  

"What is amazing is that I win this amount game after game.

"My friends can't believe my success.  But playing for a target is the smartest move I have ever seen.  It beat every other way of playing."



Of course, there is nothing sacred about playing for $100 wins. I used this target amount because it results in fairly short games when you are making $5 bets. You could just as easily set a target for $50 or even $150.

The way the strategy is constructed, your "Target Wins" will become higher as your basic bet increases.

  • If you are a $10 bettor, you will probably play for $200 target wins.

  • As a $25 bettor, you will be looking for $500 wins.

  • And, if you decide to become a $100 bettor, your target wins will be for $2,000 per game.

I am sure you can see the potential here. Once you set up your own "moneymaking machine" using the Power Craps Strategy, you will have complete control over how much money you make. 

If you want a raise, just play a little longer or play at a higher level.


Free Book

How to Make $10,000 a Week Using the Power Craps Strategy!

Still not sure about how you could use this strategy to create your own high profits "craps business?"   Grab this Free E-book and learn the exact moves you can use to literally build a fortune playing craps.

You'll learn -

  • How to get started with almost no money and rapidly build your bankroll using special "multiplying techniques."

  • How to create your own plan to reach the exact winnings level you want. This works whether you need to win anywhere from $147.26 an hour to as high as $2,211.70 an hour!

  • How to use casino winnings to rapidly grow your bankroll.

  • How to set up a daily and weekly schedule to quickly reach your "Target Profit Goals."

  • How to rapidly grow your betting level from $1 to $25 an hour, in an easy-to-follow plan.

  • How to gain and keep that "critical edge" that will keep you head and shoulders above almost everyone else trying to make some extra money.

  • The critical information you need to decide if you want to become a "Full Time Craps Prospector" or just stay a recreational player.

  • Why you will want to make online play part of your Successful Profit Plan.

  • The Exact Steps you can take to get your new business going "Full Steam" in the shortest time possible.

  • How to continue to grow your profits while keeping your risk to a minimum.

  • Why learning the Power Craps Strategy may be the smartest move you every make!

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:


(Example: max1957@aol.com is CORRECT,
where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT) 

Does Winning $2,211.70 an Hour Raise Your Blood Pressure?

If you want to make as much as $2,211.70 an hour, I'll show you exactly how to do it.

This is the documented hourly win rate playing online using $25 as your base betting unit and using both the Basic Betting Method and the Profit Multiplier Strategy.

Are you curious where I got the number $2,211.70? Take a look at the table below. It recaps the average hourly winnings for different betting levels playing in either a Land-Based or an Online casino. Once again, because the speed of online play is so much faster, the hourly winnings playing online are much greater

Comparison of Hourly Winnings Using the Complete Power Craps Strategy Playing At Different Betting Levels in Either a Land-Based or Online Casino

Base Bet Used

Land-Based Casino Play

Online Casino Play

















Once again I want to emphasize I didn't make up these numbers or create them through a computer simulation or other artificial means.

All of these hourly win amounts are based on the results of thousands of hours of play in real casinos.

This is not something I invented to try to "puff up" the system. These are "real life" numbers, earned by either myself or my associates under the same kinds of conditions you are likely to experience.

Can you imagine what it is like to have this kind of earning power in your possession? Let me give you a preview . . .


Even $5 Bettors Are High Earners!

Pamela H. was interested in learning how to win consistently in casinos.  But, as she confessed to me, she was strictly a "low roller."  

"I am not about to start betting large amounts of money in any casino.  I need something I can use that will make money for me without having to make higher bets."

After I showed Pam how to use the Power Craps System, she decided to stay at the $5 betting level.  Here's what she recently told me -

"I am perfectly happy making $5 bets and sticking with the Basic Betting Method.  I usually clear over $250 an hour, which is just fine with me.  Best of all, I can easily pick up $500 in a couple of hours and not attract any attention.  This method is just like me - low keyed.  That's why I like it."




A Day in the Life of a Power Craps Player

Most gamblers are not very relaxed when they are in a casino. If you ever engage in a little people watching in a casino, you will notice that most casino patrons are not very happy.

The players I see do not look at all like the smiling people pictured in ads for casinos. In fact, most of them look kind of grumpy and restless.

If you catch them early enough, you might see an occasional smile. But after an hour or two or a day or two, the smiles turn downwards and start to look more like grimaces.

The reason behind this is quite simple. These players arrived with high expectations of winning (psychologists tell us that most players expect to win regardless of their previous bad experiences). Now, grim reality has set in. Their sunny expectations have been replaced by the sad truth that they are doomed to lose again.

If a person has been playing non-stop for hours, you might even witness blood shot eyes in addition to the drooping jowls.


It's Your Choice How You 
Pull In Your Cash Profits

Power Craps is equally effective in online casinos.  This means you don't have to confine your play to "brick and mortar" casinos.  The nearest casino is as close as your home computer.

Because it provides predictable winnings, the Power Craps Strategy is perfect for online play.  Remarkably, it usually takes less than thirty minutes to log on to a virtual casino, play a game, hit the Target Win and then log off again with your winnings intact.

My players tell me there is no easier way to make money.  I think you will agree once you try it.



Now, let's take a look at a Power Craps player. This person will be relaxed and will most likely exude confidence.

He or she will seldom be in a hurry or look harried in the least. This player looks like he has all the time in the world to play and is not jumping to the casino's beat.

A Power Craps Player will calmly stroll over to a craps table and confidently exchange his cash for chips.

He may concentrate for a few minutes while using the strategy to its full advantage. Chips will regularly grow in the chip rail in front of him. After about an hour of play, our Power Craps player will count his chips and ask the dealer to change them for larger chips.

He will then leave the table. He might head for the coffee shop or just stroll around the casino, seeing if anyone else has a winner's look.

If it is early in the day, he will probably be back in a few minutes and repeat the experience. If he is in a location with lots of casinos within a short distance, he may decide to move on to the next casino and play there for a while.

And, if it is later in the day, or our player is ready for a break, he may decide that no more play is needed.

If you've already decided to order this powerful complete course and toolkit, click here now and I'll even throw in Seven Very Valuable Bonus Books Worth $280.00!

Plus, you get a full year to try it out at my risk. If the Power Craps Strategy somehow fails you, or if you aren't delighted with it, just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

However, if you are still not convinced, and you'd like to read more about how others have done using this system, just keep reading . . .



You Need Never Fear Losing With This Strategy

I don't know about you, but I really hate to lose. I mean really hate it. I think a lot of people share this trait. Unfortunately playing with lousy systems or no system at all, they are stuck with a seemingly never-ending series of losing games.

One of the things you will like best about using this strategy is the low loss rate. Using special techniques to protect your bankroll, your risk of a serious loss is very, very rare.

But, let's be brutally realistic. You are not going to win every game. That's why the strategy has is own "Built-In Insurance Policy."

Here's how this "Loss Insurance" works.

Whenever you have a losing game, you will follow up by playing the next game using the special "Loss Recoupment" mode of play.

While this sounds complicated, it really isn't. The Power Craps Strategy provides you with a fully tested method of play that you use to quickly overcome the effects of any losing game.

Here's how it works -

Let's assume that you end up losing $120 in a game. It was one of those games where neither the Basic Betting Method nor the Profit Multiplier could pull off a full win and you decided to discontinue play while in a loss position rather than continuing the game.

After racking up this loss you have a decision to make. You can just take the loss in stride. There is nothing wrong with playing this way. If you opt to go this route you don't have to do anything different for the next game than what you always do.

Whenever you are ready to play again, just buy in for the same amount, put the system to work and you are highly favored to chalk up another win.

If you play this way, it may take you one to two games to win back the amount of your loss. Nothing wrong with that.


Losses are Never More 
Than a "Minor Annoyance"

Losses are the bane of all gamblers.  No matter how good a system is, there is always the risk of a huge loss wiping out hours of profit.

Except for the Power Craps Strategy.  It doesn't work like that.

First, losses are infrequent.  In fact, you may start to think that the system can't lose after you first learn it.  However, even Power Craps has a loss once in a while.

And guess what?  With this strategy a loss is no big deal.

The system is designed to quickly and easily overcome the setback of any loss.  You'll be given exact instructions on how to negate the effects of any loss - easily and safely.

Does this sound unusual to you?  It should because most systems gloss over any discussion of losses.  It is sort of like the system designer is hoping that somehow you won't have a loss.  When you do, you are usually left out in the cold.  Except with Power Craps.

One of my players shared his experiences with losses.  Here's what James A. says -

"I have learned to take losses in stride.  Now, I don't even think about losing.  This system handles losses quickly and effectively.

"I have found that this method of play is the most exciting I have ever used.  If you can imagine 'gambling without fear' then you have some idea of what using this system is like."


But, what if you are a professional player like my friend Aaron?  Aaron will tolerate no set backs, at least not if he has a way to overcome them.

So, for Aaron the answer is easy. He will set up a Loss Recoupment Game after any losing game.

This is nothing more than the normal Power Craps Strategy with some very special adjustments designed to increase your hourly win rate.

When Aaron sets up his Loss Recoupment Game, he knows that his win will be approximately double his normal winnings.

This higher win will not only offset his losing game, but put his winnings back on track as if he had never had a loss.

How you handle the rare loss is up to you. The critical thing for you to know is that the strategy contemplates the occasional loss, and you will have the exact tools you need to handle any loss with ease and complete peace of mind.


There is No Single "Right Way" 
to Use this Proven Strategy

How you use this knowledge is your own business.

Some of my players like to play full time.  Typically they bring in large amounts of winnings every week.

Others prefer what I call the "vacation mode of play."  There players are casual players who like to use the system to pay for vacations or as an extra source of cash.

Still others have become dedicated online players.  This may be the most convenient method of all as you don't have to leave home to start profiting from this knowledge.

What you do with this special information is no one's business but yours.  What I can tell you is that the system will accommodate whatever style of play you chose.  All you have to do is put the system to work for you!



Let's Compare Becoming a Power Craps Casino Prospector With Other Options You May Have . . .

I realize that you have lots of choices in ways to make extra money. For example -

  • You can take on an additional part-time job. However, only you may have to give up is all of your leisure time and some of your sleep.


  • You can start an Internet business that brings in oodles of money. One roadblock here is that the Internet is littered with thousands of tiny web sites that never made a cent for their owners.

  • Maybe you would like to set up a home office and start selling some type of product from home. This is an excellent way to use up that extra bedroom or make the empty corner of your den a little more productive.

  • Or, you might consider becoming an affiliate of some successful web sites and start promoting online products. Of course, what the web site promoters never tell you is that you will do most of the work and they will make most of the profits.

  • Multi-level marketing is still making money for some people. Are you ready to start trying to sell your friends and relatives some new product?

  • Or, what about buying, fixing up, and selling houses. Some books claim you can become a millionaire doing this. You don't have anything better to do on your weekends, do you?

  • If you have from $25,000 to $750,000 sitting around, you can buy a franchise. Get ready for McDonald's Training Camp. (You always wanted to learn how to make a Big Mac didn't you?)


Each of these options will cost you a lot of time and money and each can still fail And, as you undoubtedly noticed, there are other numerous disadvantages as well.


Let's Compare Your Options -

Learning to use the Power Craps System may be your best choice.  Here's why -

  • You won't have to invest much time learning it.  Nothing upsets me more than wasting a lot of time learning something that doesn't work as promoted. 

    Even if I don't lose any money on it, I really resent the loss of my precious time.  One of the things I like the best about this system is that you can learn the Basic Betting Method in about an hour.  

    Once you compare this small "time investment" with your other options, nothing else measures up.

  • It doesn't take much money to set up your new business as a "craps entrepreneur."  I recommend that you set aside about $300 to give this method a fair trial.  But, you don't have to risk this much to get started.  

    Have you got $50?  Then you have enough to set up your new source of High Cash Profits.  There is no other way I know to create a sustainable source of cash flow of up to $10,000 a week for so little time and money.

  • This system is proven to work and virtually foolproof.  You are probably wondering how any gambling system can be foolproof.  Doesn't luck matter?  Or patterns?  Or dealers? Or something else beyond your control?

    Quite frankly, NO!  You don't need to be lucky or smart or have good timing to win with the Power Craps System.  You can use the same tried and proven method that my associates and I use and you will win.  It really is that simple!

  • No one has to know what you are doing.  Did you ever get tricked into going to an Amway party.  An acquaintance of mine literally tricked me into attending an Amway party at his house.  

    Now, if you are an Amway representative, please don't take offense.  I am sure that there are many people who love this type of business.  But, I didn't, and my first reaction was that I was not about to badger all my friends into buying something they might not need or want from me.  

    That's the beauty of using this system - No one has to know what you are doing.  This suits me just fine.  And, I bet you'll like it too!



I don't know about you, but my weekends are pretty special to me. And I don't want to go to Hamburger U., or pester all my friends to buy some inane product from me.

And there is risk to consider -

Imagine how you would feel if you spent your life savings on a franchise that then folded?

While getting another job may not entail much risk, do you really want to spend another 20 to 30 hours a week working for another boss doing something you hate?

Several of these options not only require substantial time and money investments but they will also require that you obtain additional training and education before you can even qualify. This will take your time and money and call for a major commitment on your part before you can even get started.

There has to be a better way to pick up some extra money short of robbing a bank or inheriting millions from some long lost uncle.

Trust me. Help is on the way and it's not from the government.



"Great book and outstanding strategy. I am an avid craps player who has strived to better my game.

"I hate to admit that I have probably bought every book on craps that I could get my hands on.

"Your book is on the top of my list of all the books I've ever purchased, and the best I've seen come out of Silverthorne Publications."
Dean M. - Worland, Wyoming, USA


"In the past I have found your craps ideas great! I have made money on them."
Jack G. - Brea, California, USA


"I have enjoyed thoroughly all your publications thru the years and heartily congratulate you on your pioneering spirit and unique approach to life.

"You were the inspiration for my own independent research into the game of craps and I have now discovered the cycles and patterns which are necessary for successful bet selection."
Theodore Z. - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"I have not paid for a room in Las Vegas or food since buying your systems, plus taken some money.

"I think it is great."
Robert M. - Ridgecrest, California, USA


"I've had a chance to try out your approach to craps and I thought you would like to hear how I did.

"Since retiring from banking I have visited Las Vegas four or five times a year. My first love is golf tournaments, but I really like craps. Before using your system I've had to limit my time playing craps as I don't like to lose money.

"Your approach to craps is the best money management system I have ever seen. Best of all, I'm now winning at craps.

"If my golf game is off, I sure know where to go. Let me know if you come up with any more systems."
Don Z. - New York, New York, USA


"I bought "Power Craps" a while back and the book is amazing. The system is a consistent winner. Hats off to the author."
Chris T. - Milwaukee, Minnesota, USA



So let's take a hard look at what you will face if you decide to become a Power Craps Casino Prospector -

The first thing you will note is that it won't cost you much. In fact, the cost of starting and winning with this strategy is less than the cost of an evening for two on the town.

It is hard to compute just how much it might cost you to set up a business enterprise. If you work from home, require no additional training, and are very, very talented, you might get by with investing from $25,000 to $50,000 for a startup business.

While we are "comparing," I want you to think about a couple of other things . . .

Are you ready to start managing other people? Unless you are prepared to work 80 to 100 hours a week and try to do everything yourself, it is fact of life that you will need to find, hire and train employees to be successful in your own business.

What about financing? Do you know where to set up lines of credit or lease expensive equipment and office furnishings?

Here's a question most people never think about until they are in over their heads in a new business venture.

Are you willing to risk everything you own? Almost every source of business financing will require a personal guarantee from you. If for some reason your new business fails, you could end up losing your cash, your home and your livelihood, not to mention your reputation.

Let me show you a much better way to make huge amounts of money, quickly, safely and with low risk . . .


No One Has to Know the Source of Your New Wealth!

You probably have gotten the wrong idea about professional gamblers from the media. My friends and I are not a bunch of desperados. We don't spend all of our time in casinos. We have families, friends, homes and lots of other interests.

We don't risk everything on a turn of the card or a throw of the dice. And we certainly don't broadcast how we make lots of money.

I personally believe that what I do when I am in a casino is nobody's business. If someone outside of my inner circle asks how I did on a trip to Las Vegas, I usually say "I broke even."

Here's the real beauty of using the Power Craps Strategy -

No One Has to Know About Your New Source of Wealth.

This is truly a way to "Get Rich in the Dark."

Let me tell you a few more advantages of using this strategy as your personal wealth builder-

  • It won't take much of an investment. If you can raise $50, then you have enough to launch your career as a "Power Craps Prospector."

  • You won't have to spend much time "prospecting" for new wealth. How you use this strategy is strictly up to you. If you like, you can use this strategy just to pay for vacations. If you prefer, you can play a couple of hours a week online. Or, if you are serious about making some real money, you can invest 20 to 25 hours a week and make as much as $10,000 a week with much less effort than anything other than inheriting the money.

  • Being a successful Power Craps Player doesn't require any special training other than using the Complete Power Craps Toolkit I have waiting for you.  With this "Complete Winners Toolkit," you will have all the information and training you need to get started instantly on a very profitable new venture.

  • You won't have to buy something else to get started. I don't know about you, but I hate buying things that promise me the world, only to find out that I have to buy something else that is much more expensive to really get started.  What you will receive from me is totally complete.

  • You don't have to find and hire outside experts. It seems like every aspect of our lives involves relying on someone else to fix some complicated thing that we own that we cannot fix ourselves. This is not the case with the information I will send you. You will have everything you need to create your own permanent source of cash. And, you will be able to do it quickly, safely and with almost no money risked!

This Complete Winners' Toolkit 
Has Everything You Need to Get Started Instantly!

I am so sure that the Power Craps System will work for you, that I Guarantee Your Success.

The reason I can do this is no mystery.  It's really very simple.  I can guarantee that you will succeed with this strategy because it is 100% proven to work.

  • It doesn't work only if you find the right table or somehow time your bets.

  • It is not dependent on some extraordinary talent like counting cards at blackjack.

  • It is not some far out method requiring huge wagers or depending on something that is "overdue" to occur.

If the Power Craps System was anything like that, I wouldn't put my name on it.  I know that the Power Craps System will work for you because it has been thoroughly tested and proven to work.  Almost no other gambling system can make this claim!

Once you decide to try this extraordinary way of making money, you have my complete assurance and backing.  You will be following the footsteps of others who have worked out all of the bugs in this method.

As Thomas B., told me,. after winning his first five sessions -

"This is really amazing.  It works just like you promised.  I really didn't believe you when you said it was 'foolproof.'  But it really is.  I can see now that this is actually a 'fine tuned way of making lots of money.'  Thanks for sharing it with me."



What Do You Get If You Decide to Try Out this Power Craps Strategy?

The course I have put together for your exclusive use is absolutely complete. What's more, if you decide to claim your copy, you can download this information in the next five minutes and be winning money by tomorrow morning.

You can feel confident that what you will get with this course is exactly what I have told you about in this special report. After following the step-by-step instructions, you will be able to start winning so consistently that you will wonder what you did before you got this information.

You will also become part of a small group of friends and associates who know how to use this system. Even though I have decided to let a few more people like you in on this strategy, I am strictly controlling how many copies will be released.

This course will only be released through this web site. That way, we can control how many copies are distributed. When you grab your copy, you can be certain that you will be only one of a few persons trusted and privileged to have this powerful information.


Look:   Let's be very honest. The reason most people fail is because they don't know where to start or exactly what to do once they decide to try something new. That's why I have organized this course into a clear step-by-step guide and toolkit that is proven to work.


While this information will appeal to seasoned gamblers who know how hard it is to win, it is perfect for beginners too.

It doesn't matter if you have never set foot in a casino and can barely tell the difference between a craps table and a blackjack table. Your past experience will have very little bearing on your ability to make money with this complete toolkit

You will be able to quickly and easily learn the exact steps you will  take to create your own powerful earnings stream.

Not only is this course complete, you won't need any special training or background to become very successful using this strategy.

Here's just some of what you will discover in this exciting package I have put together for you --

  • You will learn how to win as much as $10,000 or more every week using a simple, conservative strategy involving only one bet! (If you use this information alone, you can make over $300,000 this year and still take over two months off!)

  • You'll see why you don't need more than a few dollars to set up your new "casino beating business." Several players have started with $50 and gone on to become major players. With the finely tuned Power Craps Strategy, the knowledge you will possess is much more critical than how much you can invest in this very lucrative new way of making money.

  • You'll learn the same perfected, but simple rules my associates use to regularly win and keep as much as $2,211.70 an hour. Because this method is so flexible you can start with the very easy to learn "Basic Betting Method" and get started almost instantly. It is just that easy!

  • You'll know how to add a "Powerful Profit Multiplier Strategy" and almost double your hourly winnings just making two additional bets at the right time. (This simple technique is the closest you'll ever come to getting something for nothing.)

  • You will become an expert on using the built-in "hit and run" approach used by this system. You'll be able to quickly pile up huge winnings with very little risk of losses.

  • You'll learn a tested and perfected method you can use to quickly overcome the setback of an occasional losing game. My friend Aaron thinks this may be the best part of the whole system.

  • You'll master the "Safe Moves" you can use to take advantage of a "hot table" without increasing your risk of losing.

  • You'll quickly discover why it doesnít matter who shoots the dice or whether the table is hot or cold. (Forget everything you have heard about "hot and cold" shooters. You'll make money regardless of table conditions.)

  • You'll learn how to put your play on "automatic pilot" so that that you will always know exactly when it is time to quit and lock up winnings.

  • You'll gain a safe and proven way to escalate your bets with almost zero risk of loss. Best of all, you will let the casino "pay for this special technique" so that you never have to put your own money at risk!

  • You'll learn how the pros let their winnings run while keeping your losses to an absolute minimum.


Once you grab your copy of this toolkit with the complete strategy course and the very valuable bonus books, no craps table will be safe from you.

  • You will be able to play anywhere the game is offered. And you will win!

  • This strategy works in Las Vegas, Reno and Laughlin.

  • It works well in the casinos in Mississippi.

  • It massacres the casinos in Atlantic City.

  • It performs with all variations of craps found in international casinos.

  • You can even use it to win on riverboats or on cruise ships.

And, we have found that the online craps games are just as vulnerable to this strategy as any of the land-based games. In fact, playing online is the fastest way to give yourself a huge raise in your "hourly winnings" because of the higher speed of online play.

"Once you make the decision to start playing online, you can rapidly move up to the $1,000 an hour bracket without leaving home!"


If You Act Right Now, I'll Not Only Send You the Complete Power Craps Course, But I'll Add These Very Valuable Bonus Books to Complete Your "Craps Winners' Toolkit!"


Toolkit Bonus #1 - How to Make $10,000 a Week Using the Power Craps Strategy (a $40.00 Value)

You've read about the incredible Power Craps Strategy.  Now you can learn the exact moves you can use to literally build a fortune playing craps.

You'll learn -

  • How to get started with almost no money and rapidly build your bankroll using special "multiplying techniques."

  • How to create your own plan to reach the exact winnings level you want. This works whether you need to win anywhere from $147.26 an hour to as high as $2,211.70 an hour!

  • How to use casino winnings to rapidly grow your bankroll.

  • How to set up a daily and weekly schedule to quickly reach your "Target Profit Goals."

  • How to rapidly grow your betting level from $1 to $25 an hour, in a easy-to-follow plan.

  • How to gain and keep that "critical edge" that will keep you head and shoulders above almost everyone else trying to make some extra money.

  • The critical information you need to decide if you want to become a "Full Time Craps Prospector" or just stay a recreational player.

  • Why you will want to make online play part of your Successful Profit Plan.

  • The Exact Steps you can take to get your new business going "Full Steam" in the shortest time possible.

  • How to continue to grow your profits while keeping your risk to a minimum.

  • Why learning the Power Craps Strategy maybe the smartest move you every make!


Toolkit Bonus #2 - The Turtle Strategy for Blackjack! (a $40.00 Value) 

Here's a proven method you can use to easily pick up $100 an hour playing blackjack. A remarkable group of risk adverse players known as "the turtles" developed this special strategy for players who want to relax while they play.


Toolkit Bonus #3 - The Turtle Strategy for Slot Machines (a $40.00 Value) 

Why stop with winning methods for the casino table games. The remarkable turtles reveal their unique approach to beating the "one-armed bandits." I know you will find it very profitable!


Toolkit Bonus #4 - The Safest Online Casinos (a $40.00 Value)

You will want to try the Power Craps Strategy online. Why not start with the "Safest Online Casinos."

Using the toughest criteria we could come up with, we developed a very special report called "The Safest Internet Casinos."  The small number of casinos that made this list are known to be rock-solid sites with sterling reputations, great games, high bonuses and terrific support. You really can't go wrong with this group of top performers.


Toolkit Bonus #5 - The Top Online High Roller Casinos - (a $40.00 value). 

Once you start putting our system to work, you will rapidly be able to move up the ranks of casinos catering to high-rollers. These are the same casinos that my friend (and former day trader) Aaron likes for his higher level (and highly profitable) play.

Here is just some of the information you'll find in this fact-filled book -

  • A casino that will pay you $500 just for signing up. This is a great way to compound your bankroll quickly!

  • A little known, but highly regarded casino that will pay you 20% bonuses, again and again. They even have a special "7 Day Pay Plan" where you can claim up to $400 a week - Absolutely Free!

  • A "very special" casino. This casino will pay you 10% on all deposits.  There is no limit to the amount of "Free Money you can get. There's only one catch and I'll show you how to get around it with ease.

  • A high roller casino that will pay you a bonus equal to 20% of your deposit and will allow you to withdraw the deposit after wagering an amount only two times the size of your deposit.  This information alone can put thousands in your pockets this year once you know how to use.


Toolkit Bonus #6 - The Top Ten Online Casinos - (a $40.00 Value).

Are you apprehensive about risking your money in an unknown online casino. This report is "hot off the press" with a list of the Ten Best Online Casinos. This report shows you -

  • Casinos offering high bonuses - several $200 or more. All you have to do is sign up and give them a little "action." (We'll show you exactly how to do this safely and easily.)

  • Which casinos are preferred by large numbers of experienced online players. These casinos are popular because they are fun, safe, and for you, very profitable!

  • Casinos with the very highest payouts to customers. These payouts are much, much higher than any land-based casino. (You'll learn how to make these casinos perform like your personal money source with the methods I'll show you.)

  • Rock solid casinos that are safe, reliable and ready to start sending you money on a regular basis (they don't know this yet, but I'll show you how to set up a reliable source of income from these very same casinos.)

With these Six Red Hot Bonuses you will be well equipped to rapidly become a Power Craps Casino Prospector.

But there's even more.  I have added another Special Extra Bonus to give you even more insight on why the craps game can be beaten. For the next 100 downloads, I'll also throw in -


Special Bonus #7 - Ten Steps to Beat the Craps Game! (a $40.00 Value).

This manual reveals even more ways you can use to generate high wins at craps! You will find the information here worth its weight in gold! You'll learn:

  • Why picking craps as your primary game to learn may be the smartest decision you ever make!

  • How to use a strong playing strategy (like the Power Craps Strategy) to make money consistently - even at choppy tables!

  • How to become a winning craps player even if you have never played the game!

  • How to quickly get up to speed at the craps game even if you have never been in a casino!


Get Started Instantly!

The success of others using the Power Craps strategy can be repeated. Anyone who wants to can do just as well. Your entire investment is just $199.97!


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I am so certain of the value of this incredible course that I personally guarantee that you will make at least $2,500 if you just try it.

You get a full year to try out this dynamic strategy at my risk. If the Power Craps Strategy somehow fails you (and if hasn't failed yet), or if you aren't 100% delighted with your "Compete Casino Winner's Toolkit" just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

Martin J. Silverthorne
Silverthorne Publications, Inc.



Now its decision time . . .

You're probably thinking, "Do I really want to take a chance on this strategy? Is it really right for me?"

Let me help you make your decision. I am not really asking you to take much risk to try this out.

I think my guarantee pretty much covers your downside in trying out this strategy. Your only risk is the time it will take you to download the information I have waiting for you and to take a look at it.

I honestly don't know if this is right for you. If you have read about my colleagues and friends who use this strategy, you know that age, sex and background have zero bearing on whether you can be successful with this strategy.

But only you can reach inside yourself and decide whether you really want to make the effort to learn a method that can return outrageous profits.

I can tell you that experience gambling in casinos will make almost no difference in how well you may do.

In fact, I think that if you know very little about gambling, you will probably do better because you will be more open to learning about how you really can win consistently with very low risk.

What it may really boil down to is open mindedness. Are you open minded enough to explore this unusual opportunity first hand and then make up your mind?

I do know that if you answer "Yes" to this question and decide to act right now, you can Instantly Download your "Complete Casino Craps Winners'' Course and Toolkit at the Very Special Reduced Price.

If you decide to "risk" a couple of hours of your time, you can easily be on a new path to earning huge amounts of money in a way that is fun, not very complicated, doesn't take much money to get started and is very profitable!


You Can Easily Pay Yourself Back for Your Time and Investment With One Hour of Play!

I want to ask you a critical question.

Why waste your time, efforts and your hard-earned money on a dead-end job or some unproven business opportunity or MLM scheme? For the cost of a movie date for two you can own the same cutting-edge strategy that one pleased user calls his "automatic profit producer."

You can be absorbing this powerful knowledge five minutes from now. You will receive the same hard won step-by-step plan that my friends and I use to keep tons of cash flowing in.

And, the bonus books I will send you will get you complete information on the craps game and reveal the very best and safest online casinos so you can quickly get started playing online.

You'll even get a Complete Profit Plan you can use to quickly turn your winnings into a Powerful Proven Profit Source that you can rely on.

The choice is now yours. You can spend years surfing the net every other night looking for the next huge opportunity.

You can wish that you had bought Microsoft stock in 1988 instead of wasting your money on something else that has long since worn out and been discarded.

You can keep searching for that unique chance at financial freedom that may never come.

You can visit the bookstores, looking for the elusive information to set up a realistic way to make money.

Or you can act now and grab something that is Real, Proven and 100% Guaranteed to Perform

If you sincerely want to make large amounts of money, quickly and safely with low hassles and almost no investment, then this may be the plan for you.

If you are willing to invest a little time and almost no money, then I suggest that you act immediately on this offer.

Here is a thought I want to share with you that Aaron (the former day trader) told me a couple of weeks ago.

"My only regret is that I wish I had started this program sooner. It is a much cleaner and easier way to make money than trading and as a bonus, it is not one-tenth as risky."

Don't just bookmark this page and hope to come back to it. Chances are if you do, this opportunity will be closed by the time you remember to come back.

Some things are worth acting on immediately. This is one of them. To nail down your own Free Trial of what has been called the "infallible strategy" just Click Here .

I look forward to hearing about your wins.

Warmest regards,

Martin J. Silverthorne


P.S. Still not sure about this offer? Please consider this -

The Power Craps Strategy is proven to give you a real edge over any casino you choose to play in.

The proof of this is the thousands of games my associates and I have played.

My files are jam-packed with letters, cards, emails and extensive notes about the success stories of the people using this unique moneymaking approach.

After reviewing some of these files last night, one thing became abundantly clear -

Anyone who is willing to invest a little time, some effort and very little money can become successful beyond their wildest fantasies using the information I am prepared to send you.

As one of my former reluctant students (who now brings in between $3,000 and $4,000 every week using the same strategy you can be reading five minutes from now) told me -

"Even though I had never been in a casino your course was so good that I was able to start playing (and winning) just a couple of days after I got it."


P.P.S  Still pondering this decision?  Let me help you.

If I were you, my biggest concern would be my time. I just wouldn't want to waste it on something that didn't really meet and exceed my expectations.

You can download the Power Craps Course and Toolkit in the next few minutes. This course is a quick read yet is a complete reference source for you.

Even if you have no background in casino gambling and are very cautious, you can still be winning in the next day or two at your favorite land-based or Online casino.


: Please remember that this is a limited offer at a temporarily reduced price of just $79.97. This price includes an incredible package. You'll get -

The Power Craps Manual with complete examples and everything you need to get up to speed quickly and easily.

The Bonus Manual How to Make $10,000 a Week Using the Power Craps Strategy. This fact-filled manual reveals exactly how you can rapidly increase your hourly winnings with this strategy and quickly turn your play into a regular dependable source of large winnings.

In addition, you'll get two Bonus Strategies for winning at slot machines and blackjack. Each of these manuals contains a complete winning system ready for your use.

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