Simplex Blackjack
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The Simplex Blackjack Strategy! 


What if there was a safe way that you could make $3,000, $5,000, even $7,500 a week without any investment, special training, employees, inventory or personal selling?

And, what if this method had nothing to do with setting up a web site, joining a MLM plan, becoming someone's associate, or any of the other over-hyped and often under-performing junk that you are bombarded with daily?

And, what if this method was so reliable that the persons using it routinely work just a couple of hours a day and make anywhere from $600 to as much as $2,100 each and every day they use this proven strategy!

Now, because of an almost revolutionary breakthrough, you can pull in consistent profits, with little risk of loss by playing and consistently winning at casino blackjack.

And, you can even do this without leaving home by playing blackjack in an Internet casino (there are now over 3,000 Internet casinos to choose from and I'll show you exactly how to go about it).

Surprised? Please read on. The information in this special report may change your life.

If you have ever wanted a simple, rock-solid way to make tons of money safely and easily, in a tested plan that has worked for others and is now being offered to a few more, then this is critical information is for you!



From: Martin J. Silverthorne
Tuesday, 10:23 a.m.

Dear Friend,

If you are like any of the hundreds of persons I have helped become knowledgeable "expert gambling entrepreneurs" then you have no idea of the power this knowledge will bring you.

Most people have been programmed to believe that persons who gamble are mostly doomed to lose and that any winners must either have extraordinary abilities, clairvoyant powers or become involved in some underhanded or even illegal operation.

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. A small number of those of us who regularly take money from the casinos know the truth: Anyone can learn to beat the casinos if he or she is willing to spend a little time learning a reputable and proven winning strategy.

Therein lies the catch. There are very few bona fide moneymaking strategies that really perform as advertised. 

Most gambling systems, unfortunately, are like most so-called "business opportunities." They only make money for the promoters who sell you unproven and often very unprofitable ideas and schemes.


Here’s how one client, Mike M., is doing with this strategy –

"I started playing online using your Simplex Strategy last month. I began with a $20 deposit in five different online casinos. I used your approach of "play and withdraw" to induce each casino to send me more cash bonuses.

"To date I am up over $4,800 and still winning. What I like best is that I only have to play thirty to forty minutes at a time to bring in another $400 to $500.

"I am now in the stage of making between $1,000 and $1,200 a week and by the end of this month, I plan to double that.

"This is a great strategy for online play. I am looking forward to a trip to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and using the strategy there as well."

Mike M.,  Omaha, Nebraska

Hi. My name is Martin Silverthorne. I used to practice public accounting (I am a CPA). If the truth be known, I really didn't enjoy much of the work. While a new project might be challenging the first time I tackled it, after the third or fifth or tenth or twentieth time, it tended to become more like drudgery.


By Using This Crucial, Vital Information I Changed My Life. You Can Too!

Does this sound at all like your life? Fortunately, I have discovered a way of making money that is much more profitable than working as an accountant, and is much more lucrative and at least ten times as much fun!

I left the accounting profession many years ago.  I have never looked back since I learned how to be successful as a gambling entrepreneur.

I say "gambling entrepreneur" because there is very little "gamble" to what I do. I use a handful of carefully turned and proven strategies to regularly take large sums of cash from both land-based and now from Internet casinos.


Do you know about the "Key Bet?"

Don’t be surprised if you have never heard of it. Only a few of my best friends and clients know about this extraordinary wager at blackjack.

Yet, knowledge of the Key Bet can give you a weapon to use against the casinos that they are defenseless to overcome.

Once you have the information on this virtually unknown blackjack wager, you can easily make $3,000, $5,000, even $7,500 a week quickly and very safely. And, you’ll do this without any investment, special training, employees, inventory or personal selling!


Get Started Now and Realize Dramatic Profits Instantly!

What I do does not require an extraordinary memory.

It doesn't take a lot of specialized training.

It is not dependent on being in the right place at the right time, like so many chances in life are.

What I do, and have taught to others, is to apply a set of learnable rules and strategies to certain select casino games and then methodically and regularly beat them.

The net result of this approach is that my friends and associates who use these same techniques have a source of income that is surprisingly regular, consistent and even predictable. These are none of the characteristics that most people have in mind when they think of gambling or gamblers.

The Simplex Blackjack Strategy is a practical strategy that anyone can use to win in casinos. It is not difficult to learn, although you will do better if you practice a little before you risk real money.

It is not theoretically perfect (I can't think of much that is).

It does not require a large bankroll.

And, it is used to win on a "hit and run" basis.

The name of the strategy "Simplex" is derived from combing the words SIMple (which describes learning the strategy, and comPLEX, which refers to the fact that the strategy performs as well or better than more complex strategies.


"This publication is well worth the price and has given me much more fun and profit than I ever imagined. This system is the most beneficial and most profitable."

Meyer B., Jackson, Mississippi



How I Got Started As A "Gambling Entrepreneur"

Perhaps, I should tell you a little more about how I got into this fascinating field. Years ago I learned to play the game of craps.

The first time I played craps in Las Vegas, I really didn't know what I was doing. However, the craps game interested me, and I decided to thoroughly investigate the game and see if there was really any way to beat it.

The first thing I did was to buy and read every book I could find written about the game.

I read the books, made extensive notes and then starting testing the different approaches the various authors recommended. While these books gave me a better understanding of the rules and mathematics of the game, as well as an assortment of interesting stories told by the authors, I didn't learn a winning strategy from any of the books.

To test these different strategies for craps, I even bought a craps table and set it up in my game room at home. As I plowed through one system after another, I still didn't find any system that really won consistently.

After just about exhausting the so-called "reputable books" I starting buying systems promoted through mail order.

Here, my results testing the systems were actually worse on the average, than my experiences using systems in the "book store" books.

As you can imagine, I became quite discouraged in my search for a winning craps system. However, I did manage to learn a number of principles about gambling and gambling systems, and I put them to work to create my own craps system.

Two and a half years later I had worked out the kinks on a system that I still use even now to regularly and consistently win at craps.

But, this report is not about that system. I want to tell you about an incredible new blackjack strategy that beats just about every method I have ever seen for beating the casinos!


"This book is great.  My wife and I both love it.  We win more with this Simplex Betting System that anything we have ever used (we've used a lot)."
Russ U.
Memphis, TN


My point in sharing my experiences in developing my first winning strategy is give you some background on the approach I developed through years of trial and error in developing my first winning system.

The Birth of A Winning Strategy!

I used the same, methodical approach to test and evaluate every aspect of the extremely potent Simplex Blackjack Strategy!

This is a strategy that has been 100% proven to:

•  Win from $51.50 to $676.23 an hour playing day in and day out in land-based casinos. We have absolute proof that anyone can duplicate these results, hour after hour, day after day, week after profitable week!

•  Pull in profits as high as $900 an hour off of Internet casinos that really have few defenses against the power of this strategy!

•  Win quickly time after time, game after game, using a powerful "hit and run" approach that is so effective that even our most successful players seldom spend over one to two hours a days "working."

Create a predicable source of winnings that caused one of my associates to refer to a casino as his "casino bank." Then, with a smile he added, "They just keep the money for me until I go in and make a withdrawal."


And that is just the beginning of what I have waiting for you . . .

What I am going to show you is like no other moneymaking method you have ever seen or even heard about.


The Simplex Blackjack Strategy is Devastatingly Effective!

It is not like any other blackjack strategy I have ever seen.

It does not rely on card counting, shuffle tracking, dealer tells, or any of the other topics that have been covered by the hundreds of books written on blackjack.

The Simplex Blackjack Strategy is a uniquely simple, but highly effective way that you can learn in just a couple of hours. Once you decide to use it, it will provide you with a powerful new way to make and keep large amounts of winnings, pleasantly and easily.

Please read on. I am going to prove to you that these are not unfounded statements that I just made up to try to convince you to buy another flawed strategy.


"I have been using your betting strategy for blackjack and have been more successful than I had ever deemed possible. Thank you - thank you - thank you!"

Charles R.  La Mesa, California


I will share with you uncontestable documentation that constitutes irrefutable proof that everything I am about to tell you is real. What's even more important than proving to you that this system has had a phenomenal success is to show you that it can work just as well for you as it has for me and my colleagues.

I will even reveal to you exactly how you can grab this system and set up your own series of "casino withdrawals" that will supply you with a dependable source of cash that is probably more reliable than anything you have ever experienced!


This is Not Just Another Card Counting System!

This strategy has nothing to do with card counting or card tracking. Card counting has been around about forty years and is no longer a reliable approach to winning at today's blackjack games.

The card counting approach was originally developed for the single deck, hand- held blackjack games offered in the 1960's and 1970's.

Those games really don't exist anymore. Oh, you can still find single deck blackjack games. But they usually offer poorer rules for the players and the dealers shuffle the cards frequently.

With card counting, a card shuffle negates any advantage the player might gain. In addition, using multiple decks of cards almost eliminates any edge a card counter might develop.

Today, multiple decks are the norm. For example, most Atlantic City casinos use eight decks of cards. In addition, many casinos, such as the Indian casinos just a few miles from my house, use continuous shuffling machines which replicate the results of continuous shuffling.

Internet casinos shuffle the "virtual cards" after every hand. As a practical matter, there is no way that you can use "Card Counting" to gain any real edge at blackjack any more.

But the Simplex Blackjack Strategy has nothing to do with card counting or any of the old blackjack playing techniques that have mostly been neutralized by casino countermeasures.

Instead of being a "theoretical strategy" that might win under the right conditions (like the card counting strategies), the Simplex Strategy is a highly effective practical strategy that you can use to win in any blackjack game.



This is a breakthrough new Cutting Edge Strategy that incorporates the incredible power of the Key Bet into a complete winning system. It has been 100% proven to:

●   Win from $51.50 to $773.00 an hour playing day in and day out in land-based casinos. We have absolute proof that anyone can duplicate these results, hour after hour, day after day, week after profitable week!

●   Pull in profits as high as $1,557.00 an hour off Internet casinos that really have few defenses against the power of this strategy!

●   Win quickly time after time, game after game, using a powerful "hit and run" approach that is so effective even our most successful players seldom spend over one to two hours a day "working."

●   Create a predicable source of winnings that caused one of my associates, Frank L., to refer to a casino as his "Casino Bank."

Then, with a smile Frank added, "They just keep the money for me until I go in and make a withdrawal."




Harness the Power of "Hit and Run" Gambling

You probably never thought about it, but nearly every blackjack strategy ever published is a "long-term" strategy. That usually means that it is a theoretical system, developed and tested by computers, that shows some kind of favorable result if enough hands are "inputted."

Incredibly, some of these systems use as many as a million or even ten million "simulated hands" to come up with some new twist, which is then marketed to the public as the next "sure thing."

Yet how do most of us play blackjack? (If you have never played blackjack, just for the moment imagine that you have played so that you can follow my examples. I'll tell you exactly how and why you should become a player a little later.)

Most of us play blackjack for very short intervals. I usually take a break after no more than an hour or two of blackjack.

If we manage to set up a casino trip, we might play for three or four days, and maybe get in as many as four or five hours of gambling a day.

Let's say over four days we put in 25 hours at the blackjack tables. What kind of results would we have with most long-term strategies?

Well, we might win. Or we might break even. Or, most likely, we would lose money.

The supporters of the long-term approach to play would still support their approach to the game by telling us that "we didn't play long enough."

If you ask how long is "long enough" you may get some vague answer like "six months to a year."


The Consistent Winners in This Game Are All "Short Term" Players

I don't know about you, but I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I am not about to spend up to a year of my life trying some system, only to eventually discover that it still fails.

Clearly, if we are going to play over short intervals (like an hour or two at a time), we need a different approach to blackjack.


"This is just a short note to let you know that the Simplex Strategy for playing blackjack, is without question the best I have ever seen.

"The system works as advertised and published. I was a good blackjack player before converting to the Simplex Strategy. It has taken me four months to learn the strategy, get rid of bad habits and to prove to myself that it really worked.

"Try as I may, I cannot improve upon the strategy. I am now a constant winner and I have never before had this much fun playing blackjack."

B. D. O.
Phoenix, Arizona


That's where the Simplex Blackjack Strategy shines.  It is specifically designed to win over very short time periods.

Have you got a half hour to spare? No problem. If you are inclined to play blackjack over the next thirty minutes, you can use the Simplex Strategy, play for a few minutes, lock up your win and depart a winner.

This approach to play makes a lot more sense to me than the failed "long-term" approaches that may or may not ever succeed.


Using the "Key Bet" Unlocks Hidden Profits

More has been written about blackjack than any other casino game.

Yet nearly every system has it all wrong when it comes to having a consistent, yet easy-to-learn method of beating the game.

There are many books written about "card counting."

Some authors believe that "shuffle tracking" holds the key to success at blackjack.

Others emphasize progressive betting or elaborate money management systems.

However, there is one method that I uncovered that no one else talks about.

Yet, it is the most effective way to play and win at blackjack ever created.

It's strength lies in using a powerful new wager that is almost never seen in blackjack. Yet, once you master this amazing wager, your success rate at blackjack will soar.

Please read on if you are ready to learn how you can quickly and easily make $773 an hour (documented winning in a land-based casino).

Once you discover how to add the powerful "Key Bet" to your blackjack game, you will win extraordinary amounts of money in any blackjack situation. 

And, your success will not be limited to just a few blackjack games:

•  You can use this powerful "Key Bet" with any number of decks - from single deck to the monster eight-deck games. The number of decks used has no effect on your ability to win.

•  You won't have to be concerned with rule changes from casino to casino. This perfected strategy works well against every rule variation found in blackjack

•  You will use it to win large amounts in your favorite "brick and mortar" casino.

•  If you want to set up a powerful new source of income without even leaving home, I'll show you exactly how to use this strategy to win large amounts playing online.

•  Even casinos know as "unfriendly" to blackjack players will be at your mercy. Incredibly, the performance of this unique way of playing and betting is not reduced by any of the common new casino countermeasures, such as using continuous shuffling machines.

This has to be the quickest and easiest way I have ever seen to set up a safe and dependable source of "all cash income."

Not a blackjack player? Please stay with me a little longer. Once you hear more about the incredible strategy using the outstanding power of the "multiplier bet," you may just change your mind about this game.

I am assuming that you would like an easy, 100% proven and virtually foolproof way to make $773 an hour anytime you choose.

And, that you would like to do this almost effortlessly using a strategy that is easy to use, a snap to learn, yet very, very powerful because it combines the power of the Key Bet with a superior playing strategy.


Before I tell you more about this unique method of setting up your own high cash income, I'll share what one user, Bob D., from Phoenix, Arizona wrote me -

"This is just a short note to let you know that your Key Bet Strategy is without question the best I have ever seen.

"The system works as advertised and published. I was a good blackjack player before converting to your strategy. Now, my game seems unbeatable.

"Try as I may, I cannot improve upon the strategy. I am now a constant winner and I have never had this much fun playing blackjack."


My files are bulging with just these kinds of reports from the players using this method. Yet, perhaps the most amazing thing of all is how easy this system is to learn and use.

How Much Money Will It Take to Try Out This New Strategy?

If you have ever read about traditional approaches to playing blackjack, you might know the answer to this question.

It takes a lot of money to ever hope to make money as a card counter. As a minimum you should probably have $25,000, although, $50,000 is better and most so-called experts would recommend a bankroll of at least $100,000 to take up playing blackjack and hope to be successful.

Before you reach for the back button in your browser, please stay with me. The Simplex Blackjack Strategy is nothing like that. It is designed for people who don't have much money and want to find a way to make money with almost no investment.

With the Simplex Blackjack Strategy, you can get started with as little as $120. For Internet play, you can cut this in half. In fact, if you sign up with an Internet casino, you can get a cash bonus just for signing up (and there are a lot of them that will do this). Then you can probably get started with as little as $20 of your own money and let the casino supply the rest in the form of a cash bonus.

I'll bet that you might be willing to risk twenty bucks to set up a lucrative new moneymaker that will ultimately make you thousands of dollars.

When I play I usually exchange from $300 to $500 for chips in a land-based casino. On the Internet, I typically buy in for $250 to $300 and let the casino "give me $20 to $150 in "bonus money" for signing up.

I hope I've made my point. It doesn’t take much money to get started with the Simplex Blackjack Strategy. If you can even afford to risk $20, yet can get started on the Internet an hour from now!


Simplex Blackjack Pulls Together Several Perfected Concepts That Results in a Winning System Like No Other

"There is no single 'magical formula' or secret approach that will make you a consistent winner."

If you are waiting for me to tell you about how I discovered some secret fact that will make you rich, I am afraid you will be disappointed. As far as I know, such a thing doesn't exist, and anyone who represents that they have "it," (whatever "it" is) is misrepresenting reality, to put it mildly.

The Simplex Blackjack Strategy uses several powerful concepts and pulls them together in such a unique way that the complete strategy is just about unbeatable.

Now, I am not going to tell you that the strategy never loses. It does lose an occasional game. But the losses are infrequent and small. Even more important, the complete strategy contemplates occasional losses and has safeguards built in to overcome them.

Let me give you an example. I told you earlier that this strategy makes from $51.50 to $676.23 an hour (that's in land-based casinos, it makes more per hour on the Internet). You may have wondered where I got these numbers.

These numbers are the result of thousands of hours of play using the Simplex Blackjack Strategy in real casinos. They are averages and include losing games as well as winning ones.

For example, if you don't have any losses, your average winnings will be better than these amounts. However, if I was to show you just the higher hourly amounts, I would be overstating what you can realistically expect.

While most systems' presentations are filled with misrepresentations, usually because the system itself is a failure, I don't need or want to misrepresent this strategy at all.

Everything I will share with you in this report is supported by 100% documented data. Since the Simplex Blackjack Strategy is a bona fide real winning strategy, I can give you the facts straight and then let you decide if this strategy might be right for you.



"I have been playing blackjack for over ten years and your strategy is by far the best.

"I have learned ‘card counting’ and found it to be very ineffective for short term play. The card counting systems all assume that you can play blackjack 40 hours a week and that is not how I like to play. I like the Simplex Blackjack Strategy because I can make money with it playing very short sessions.

"Let me give you an example. Last week I was in Detroit and I got to play in the Casino Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I played two sessions. I made $1,573 for the first one and $2,360 for the next one. Total profits of almost $4,000 for about five hours play is what I like.

"Thanks for a ‘real world’ strategy for ordinary players that really wins ."

Ray C. – Springfield, Illinois



The Unique Simplex Blackjack Strategy Uses a Simplified, But Very Powerful, Approach to Playing Blackjack

The first "component" of the Simplex approach to beating blackjack deals with "how you play each hand."

The best playing strategy for blackjack answers the question, "How do we play the cards dealt us?"

Playing strategy, sometimes called "Basic Strategy" has evolved through the years into an increasingly complex maze of rules and rule variations.

The playing strategy used by the Simplex Blackjack Strategy is almost as powerful as any of the any complicated "computer generated" playing strategies, but is highly simplified and very easy to learn.

When you use this strategy, you won't have to memorize dozens of complex rules or learn different versions of playing strategy for each version of blackjack with a slight variation.

Let me give you an example.

If you decide to learn how to play and win at blackjack using one of the "traditional strategies" you will have to learn variations in playing strategy for each variation of the game of blackjack.

Atlantic City blackjack is played with a different set of strategy rules than blackjack games offered in Mississippi or Louisiana.

Las Vegas Strip blackjack is different than the version played in downtown Las Vegas or in Reno or Lake Tahoe.

Run of the mill blackjack systems expect you to learn different strategies for single and multiple deck games.

Even Internet blackjack is supposed to be approached on a "game by game" basis, with different variations used.

Believe it or not, there are people who seem to enjoy developing more and more complicated playing strategies.

Let me share a secret with you. Most of these people don't really play blackjack. They are caught up in a game of theoretical "one upsmanship" with other persons of like bent. Many of these "researchers" are academics who seldom play in the real world.

Years ago I had a chance to meet one of these "experts" who was selling a very complex playing system. I asked him how often he played the system.

He hemmed and hawed, trying to avoid answering my question. Finally, he admitted that he hardly ever played real blackjack. I guess he was too busy testing new and more complex strategies with his computer-based simulations.

The playing strategy used by the Simplex Blackjack Strategy is a real world strategy that my colleagues and I use every day to generate "real world" wins.

It doesn't come with any complicated variations. You only need to learn and use one simple strategy to play just about any version of blackjack.

Now the purists won't like this. They might argue how we are giving up 2/100's of a percentage point of potential advantage by not learning some convoluted playing variation.

My answer to this. It doesn't matter. Let me tell you why. . .


The Simplex Blackjack Strategy Uses a Powerful, Perfected Way of Betting to Gain a Sizeable Edge Over the Blackjack Game!

While the simplified, but still deadly effective Simplex Playing Strategy tells us how to play each hand, the size of our bets is determined by a powerful, specially formulated betting strategy.

Once you have learned the Simplex Playing Strategy, you can play close to even with the casino. Once you add the perfected and highly deadly Simplex Betting Strategy, you will gain a substantial edge over the game.

A Betting Strategy is simply a method of determining how much you should wager on each hand. Developing a winning betting strategy is the key to turning the successful playing strategy into a winning strategy.

There are as many betting strategies around as there are types of people playing blackjack.

Most people use the "hunch method" of betting and just bet whatever their mood and bankroll dictate.

Sometimes they bet large because they feel lucky. At other times they make larger bets to recoup losses.

Some players are oblivious to bet size and just bet the same amount each time.

Many betting strategies try to determine the bet size based on the changing composition of the cards. Card counting and playing into favorable "card clumps" are two strategies that try to use this approach.

Some persons prefer to use fixed betting progressions that ignore changes in the composition of cards and provide betting strategies based on the player's wins and losses.


"I bought your blackjack strategy a few months ago. The betting strategy contained in it was well worth the price of the book.

"A number of times over the other players at the table aren't sure of how I'm pocketing black checks on basic $10 starting bets while their piles get smaller. I let 'em wonder."
Bill H. 
Memphis TN

"Just a quick message" thank you, THANK YOU!  My wife and I have been using your blackjack betting system for just under two years, in Las Vegas and the Caribbean, with spectacular, almost scary results. Vacations are more than covered, to say the least."
Dr. and Mrs. A. M. 
San Diego, CA


"Please tell Mr. Silverthorne 'THANK YOU' for all of the very helpful books which have changed my life (its nice to eat regularly again with milk to drink and an apple to eat whenever the urge strikes."
Thaddeus S.
Detroit, Michigan


"I am totally kicking ass in Vegas using the power blackjack system. I go over to Vegas every other week and play till I hit my goal (usually 3 to 4 days) then go home and spend my money."
Dave R.
Tucson, Arizona

"The value gained from your information is far greater than what it has cost me in dollars and cents. You sir, have class. Thank you for your response and thank you for the forthright and generous manner in which you replied. Have a productive day."
Gary N. 
Pueblo, Colorado


The Secret Behind The Simplex Strategy's Winning Edge

The Simplex Betting Strategy gains a real, provable edge over any blackjack game. This edge arises from exploiting a significant, but virtually unknown, statistical variation in the distribution of wins and losses in blackjack. It has characteristics of the both the betting progression strategies and the strategies using information derived from the composition of cards.

Let me tell more about this. Don't let the words "statistical variation" scare you off. You don't have to know anything about statistics to use the Simplex Betting Strategy. In fact, if you can count to 2, you can use the betting strategy..

Are you ready? Now count. One and then two. You can use the Simplex Betting Strategy.

While it is not really based on counting to two, it is based on just a couple of things happening in a row.

The amazing thing about this approach is that this event in blackjack happens all the time, yet was ignored for over forty years of blackjack study.

Once the blackjack researchers decided to focus on card counting, to the exclusion of everything else, they forget to observe the most elementary features of the game.

What they missed will become like gold to you. Because of a certain event in blackjack that happens all the time, you will have a proven "trigger" that tells you exactly how to bet.

I can't be any more specific right now. Once you grab your own copy of the Simplex Blackjack Strategy, you will see exactly what I mean.


Some players have asked me if they have to do anything unusual to use the key bet.

One player asked, "I won’t have to write anything down will I?"

Another nodded in agreement and added -

"Where I play blackjack they won’t let anyone take paper and pencil to the table. I guess they are afraid of card counters."

I told them, just like I am telling you, you won’t have to do anything unusual to make extraordinary profits from using the key bet. All you have to do is know the signals that set up this bet and know in advance how much you will wager when this opportunity comes up.

You certainly won’t need to write anything down or do any complicated calculations in your head like the card counters.

All you have to do to make money with this perfected breakthrough way of playing is to know how to spot the Key Bet and then be prepared to follow the procedures I will teach you.

It is really one of the fastest ways to make money that I know and it is much easier to learn and use than any other blackjack strategy or system!



This Overlooked, But Critical, Information Will Give You A Consistent Edge Over the Blackjack Game That Other Players Simply Don't Have!

Using this small, but critical piece of information, the Simplex Betting Strategy performs like no other betting strategy ever created for blackjack.

And, it works in all blackjack situations.

You can use it in the few remaining hand-held single and double deck games with great success.

It works just as well in the monster six and eight-deck games commonly found in so many casinos.

It works with all kinds of rule variations. While your theoretical odds of winning vary slightly from one version of blackjack to the next, these slight variations will have little effect on your ability to overcome the house edge and win consistently.

Perhaps even more remarkably, this approach works just as well in virtual blackjack games offered in online casinos.

We have played against just about every variation of blackjack on the planet and we have not found a single version that defeats the combination of the Simplex Playing and Betting Strategies!


Once You Have Learned the Betting Strategy You Are Almost Ready to Play and Win

Once you have learned the Simplex Playing and Betting Strategies, you are almost ready to start your new career as a gambling entrepreneur. The only thing missing is learning how to manage your money.

This is a lot like baking a cake. The playing strategies are the ingredients. While they are fundamental to the creation that will eventually be called "a cake," you still need to know how to mix them and bake them. This is analogous to the Simplex Betting Strategy. Now to complete the masterpiece, we need the frosting and decorations. That's where the Money Strategies come in.

The Money Strategies give us clear guidance on this whole process of playing and winning at the game.

We will learn how to set up a target winning amount and then exactly how to hit that amount.

We will also learn when to quit and lock up a profit or when to "take a break" if we are having a hard go of it. This is sort of like the poker's player's notions of knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

We will add the niceties of planning our bankroll on a game by game basis and even learn how to plan on the amount of time it will take to increase our bankroll.

If this doesn't sound much like your notion of gambling, it's because it isn't gambling the way we play the game.

The real focus of this strategy is to set up a careful step-by-step plan to relieve the casino of its money and then accomplish it.

It almost seems unfair, doesn't it?

Let's see what your life might be like if you decide to bring this remarkable way of moneymaking into your own life.

"I had never played blackjack much before I got your course. I had pretty much stayed with slots because blackjack intimidated me.

"I followed your recommendations and practiced using free software that I downloaded. My first games I played online where I could play as slowly as I wanted with no one bothering me.

"I made over $900 learning how to play in online casinos using $1 as my starting bet. After I was fully confident that I knew what I was doing, I started playing in couple of Tunica casinos that accept $5 minimum bets.

"So far I have made a little over $9,000 in the local casinos. I have continued to play online and my online winnings just passed $2,000.

"This is by far the easiest way to make a lot of extra money I have ever seen.

Jack M. – Memphis, Tennessee




You May Experience a Remarkable Change in Your Life

The first thing that will change once you decide to learn and use this strategy is that your entire perspective of gambling will change.

Actually, my approach to gambling encourages this change. If you have ever gambled before, you might have approached it as anything from entertainment to something so frightening that experiencing it caused feelings bordering on sheer terror.

Most people mix up feeling ranging from euphoria to despair and end up tired, discouraged and decidedly beaten.

But there is no reason that gambling has to evoke these emotions. The first thing you will lose is the attitudes ranging from ecstacy to utter despair.

You will learn to relax. As you enter a casino you will be able to look around at other casino patrons almost dispassionately and observe how the whole gamut of human emotions seem to run rampant in the casino atmosphere.

You will notice that most players don't look like the smiling players pictured in the ads for casinos. In fact, many of them look discouraged, tired and may even act grumpy.

Please don't feel superior to them. Remember that it wasn't too long ago that you were just as ignorant about how to really win at gambling.

Making your way through the casino, you spot the blackjack pit, sandwiched between a lone roulette wheel at one end, several Caribbean poker tables and a couple of likely craps tables at the opposite end.

You pick an empty table with a pleasant looking young woman dealer. You notice that she uses a continuous shuffling machine, with what appears to be eight decks of cards stacked in it.

While this arrangement would be the "kiss of death" to a would-be card counter, you just smile to yourself and think, "Good, the game will just go faster without stopping to shuffle, and I can hit them and lock up my win that much quicker."

Your plan today is to play for no more than an hour and a half or until you hit your target win of $2,145. Being a realist, you will actually accept any win greater than $2,000.

You have a stop loss in place, just in case this game starts to get tougher than you anticipate. Part of your preparation and careful planning is to always be prepared.

Lisa, the dealer starts dealing. You quietly use the simplified playing strategy, relaxing as you play. The cocktail waitress comes by and you order your favorite cocktail.

The game sesaws back and forth, in a seemingly balanced contest between the players and the dealer. Other players sit down and don't stay too long as Lisa seems to be determined to beat every player. That is, except you.

Even though your play has not been too spectacular so far, you have only played about thirty five minutes, and you have gained over $300.

Slowly the tide seems to turn. Lisa busts two hands in a row and you pounce. You win the next four bets and lock up a nice gain.

The game goes back and forth some more then another opportunity arises. You quickly adjust your bets to the new circumstances and pick up another nice gain.

After an hour and fifteen minutes, you notice that you have over $2,200 in chips. You lose two small bets in a row, take that as a signal to depart, leave a nice tip for Lisa, pick up your drink and chips and leave the table.

You find an empty slot machine stool, not to play slots but to engage in some minor book keeping before you depart.

Exactly 87 minutes after you arrived, you leave the casino with over $2,100 of what used to be casino money stashed securely in your wallet.

As you walk to the front door, you are surrounded by the same group of players, many of whom seem to be playing almost in a trance, playing at the pace dictated by the casino bosses, intent on relieving them of their money and quickly and hopefully as pleasantly as possible.

You are looking forward to a quick swim and maybe another round of blackjack after you take a nap.


Winning With This Strategy is As Simple As Following a Simple Set of Instructions

If you can read this web page and follow what I am saying, then you can learn to win using the Simplex Blackjack Strategy.

You might wonder how I can make a statement like that. After all, I don't know you, so how can I possibly predict how well you might or might not do with this strategy.

Well, if you don't follow the strategy, I really can't predict how you will fare. However, if you are willing to really follow the proven steps that others have perfected, then I have a pretty good idea how you will do.

The blackjack game is not all that unpredictable once you implement the full power of this strategy.


"Some time back, I purchased your material "Simplex Blackjack Strategy." 

"Yes, when I ordered I suspected just another "rip off." Wrong. After receiving it, I studied then made a trip to the casino. I made money.

"Thinking this might have been a fluke, I tried it several other times. I have won three out of four trips giving me the most fun and profit I ever made playing blackjack. Needless to say, this gives Silverthorne Publications credibility with me."

R. J. W. 
Raleigh, NC


Okay, I admit that during any very short time period, like the next thirty minutes for instance, you can win or lose. Anything can happen as a fluke. The dealer might win the next 25 hands. Or you may have the worst streak of bad luck ever seen. Or, or. . .

Please relax. All of these possibilities are considered with the strategy and provided for. Of course you can lose a round of blackjack. But, here's the kicker . . .

Even if you lose, you won't lose much. Remember the Money Strategies? If you have a loss, you will know exactly when to call it a game.

You will also target your wins. The net affect of using a strategy that gives us an edge targeting wins and limiting losses is that you will play a "scientifically based" game against a house that is used to random and often irrational players.


When You Play, You Can Relax As Every Possibility Is Covered By the Strategy

In a nutshell, if you play by the predefined rules and you play for a while (so that your wins and losses average out), I can predict with a fair amount of precision just how well you will do.

Let me give you an example of this predictability. While I scoff at a strategy developed strictly by using "perfect playing conditions" created by computers, I still find that computers can be used to predict the parameters of a system.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.


"I get very predicable winnings using your Simplex Strategy. I am just a small bettor but I average making between $95 and $110 per game.

"I like to play two or three short sessions and then take a break. This limits my playing time to about three hours a day, which is fine for me.

"For my three hours work I average making a little over $400. It’s not getting rich, but it sure beats losing.

"Thanks for a dependable, relaxing way to play."

Simone P. - Kansas City, Missouri



A Computer's Insight Into Your Possible Winnings

I used a computer simulation to predict the results of using The Simplex Blackjack Strategy for 500 hands of blackjack at a time.

While 500 hands of blackjack is a lot more than I usually play at a time, setting the test at this number is useful because if represents a realistic number of blackjack plays for a real player.

Most of the card counting strategies rely on "perfect playing conditions" and use up to a million hands to "prove" what would work. The problem with these kinds of proofs is that they use unrealistic assumptions because real players never play like that.

We won't repeat this mistake.  We can program just about any type of blackjack game into a smaller number of hands, like 500, and then turn the Simplex Strategy loose on the hands. The results approximate what you might realize if you sat down and played 500 hands without using stop losses or target wins to improve your results.

The following table shows the results of thousands of these 500-hand series of plays, averaged.


The Computer Verified "Proof of Performance"

The first column "Series" refers to the size of your bets.

The second column shows the Average Net Winnings Per 500 Hands.

The third column shows the Average Maximum Win and the last column shows the Average Maximum Loss.

Win-Loss Amounts With 
the Simplex Betting Strategy































Let's take a look at what this means to you.

If you start at the basic level, you can get into this the game for $120 ($20 on the Internet using the casino bonus). Your average winnings, which is net of all wins and losses is $284. This would be the average of winning games with average maximum wins or $572 and losing games, with the average maximum losses of $270.

Now, I want to point out something that should be very obvious to you. The Average Net Winnings are Positive in every case.

Simply interpreted, this  is a winning system!


When You Play for Real, Your Games Will Be Shorter and Even More Profitable!

Now, I don't play the strategy like the computer simulations. I use all of the Money Strategy tools and generally have shorter and more profitable games.

However, these simulated games are useful for one reason. They show the kinds of results we would have if we all played like robots, game after game.

We would have fairly predicable results if we played 500 hands at a time. Now, as thinking persons, we can improve this strategy.

Instead of blindly playing 500 hands at a time, we will play until preset conditions occur, then we will either take a small loss and continue playing elsewhere, or lock up our win and take a break.

Now, let's get back to making a prediction about your play. While I have no idea what level of play you will choose or how long you may decide to play, I can make predictions that if you play at a certain level, and use the same rules that we do, that you will have certain predictable results.

Quite simply, if you follow the rules and play within the guidelines of the strategy you will make money. It really is that simple!


"I have not paid for a room in Las Vegas or food since buying your systems, plus taken some money.

"I think it is great."

Robert M. 
Ridgecrest, California


Let's Take a Hard Look at Your Options . . .

I realize that you have many options, especially when it comes to making more money.

  • You can ignore this chance to become a blackjack professional. I understand. You may not be cut out for the discipline necessary to set up a dependent source of cash flow at the expense of the casinos.

  • You can continue in your same old ways, hoping for improvement. You may get that illusive job promotion, or land that new contract, or even win the lottery . . .

  • You can scour the Internet looking for the "perfect business" (I can't think of a better business than the one I am in, but you may have better ideas).

  • You can create something useful, set up a company, create a marketing plan, raise the needed capital, attract the right employees, lease the right facilities, etc., etc, and make money as a "traditional entrepreneur."

  • If you have an extra $25,000 to $750,000 you can buy a franchise, even though there is still no guarantee of success, even if you invest a million dollars.

  • Or, you can consider at least trying the Simplex Blackjack Strategy under my "Free Trial Offer" to see if it is right for you.

I will admit, none of these options is a "sure thing." But then again, there are not many sure things available, are there?


More About Becoming a Gambling Entrepreneur . . .

Maybe we ought to take one more look at becoming a gambling entrepreneur.

If you decide to at least try my approach, I know that you will find it to be about the most interesting "business" you could possibly choose.

One of the things I like about it is the flexibility.

I never have to be anywhere at any set time. In fact, because most casinos are twenty-four hour a day propositions, I can literally pick the times when I feel like working.

As a trained professional gambling entrepreneur, you won't be beholden to any person. Oh, I would like to hear from you after you try my course. I have hundreds of letters and emails in my files from people just like you, who may have been skeptical at first, but decided to be open minded enough to try this unique approach to live, and found out that they loved it.

But, even if you decide to write me, you won't owe me anything. You will never have to send me a royalty payment, or pay me a franchise fee.

You won't have to spend years and thousands of dollars getting additional training to enter this new profession. As crazy as it may sound, I am going to send you everything you need for about the cost of a meal for two in a midrange restaurant.

You won't have to develop an elaborate business plan or convince a banker or venture capitalist to invest in you. I'll show you how you can start with not much more than the shirt on your back and rapidly build a respectable bankroll, 100% financed by your favorite casino.

You won't even have to travel. Since you are reading this web page, it is a safe bet that you have access to a computer with Internet access. Instead of traveling to a casino, you can play blackjack on the web. I will show you exactly how to do this, quickly, safely and at low risk.

You won't even have to tell a soul about your new venture.  This is strictly a personal choice of yours. If you want to, you are certainly welcome to tell anyone you want about your new success playing blackjack. However, based on my experiences, you will probably be a lot happier if you quietly go about your new business with little fanfare. I have found that bringing in lots of cash on my own schedule more than makes up for any "bragging rights" I might lose by not telling the world all about what I do.

"I have been making steady profits using your Simplex system.

"I am glad you showed my how to play online, because I really enjoy playing an hour or two at a time on my home computer.

"As you said, how much I make is really dependent on how fast I play. I keep your manual right next to me (I printed it out for reference) and I can refer to it whenever I need help.

"Since I started three weeks ago, my speed has increased to where I am playing over 100 hands an hour in the Internet games. At this rate, I am making well over $200 an hour plus the bonuses that the casinos send me.

"I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your course. It is certainly working well for me."

Carl R. – Lubbock, Texas



What Will You Get If You Decide to "Try Out" the Simplex Blackjack Strategy Under My Risk-Free Offer?

I have put together a easy-to-use course that completely covers the Simplex Blackjack Strategy.

The course is set up on a "step-by-step" basis so that you can easily learn the "winning steps" even if you have never set foot in a casino.

And, once you decide to try out this strategy, you'll learn it very quickly and easily with minimum risk.

The complete Simplex Blackjack Strategy Course is now instantly available online in the form of a fact-filled downloadable e-book. Five minutes from now, you can be reading and learning the exact steps you will take to become a gambling entrepreneur and start making sizable withdrawals from your favorite casinos.

When you review this course, you can be confident that everything in it has been 100% documented and backed up by irrefutable facts. There is no unproven theory in this case. As Sergeant Friday might say, it has "just the facts, ma'am."

Here's the best part. Because this strategy is so easy to learn and use, you can put it to use almost instantly. If you make the decision to grab your copy of this course today, by tomorrow you can be playing in a Internet casino and making a substantial side income as a low-risk gambling entrepreneur.

Don't worry if you have never signed on with an Internet casino. I'll show you exactly how to do this quickly and safely.

What's more, once you decide to learn the art of casino profiteering, you will join a small group of my friends and associates who know exactly how to profit from this perfected system.

Even more important to you is that this system will never be released as a "mass market" type of product.

You will not find this system in your favorite bookstore.

This unique system will not be sold online through affiliates or released to other web marketers.

The contents and "value" of this perfected method of play will be maintained and closely guarded by only releasing a relative handful of manuals from one, closely controlled web site.

Once you grab your own personal copy of this course, you can be sure that it will not be released in hundreds of outlets, including your favorite casino's gift shop. For one thing, the casinos would not allow it. (You didn't really think that you could buy a winning strategy from the casino itself, did you?)

Your decision and commitment to become a winning blackjack player will be protected and supported by our No-Nonsense Policy strictly limiting the distribution of this information.

You will never have to worry about the value of your special money maker becoming diluted because of over exposure!


The reason most people fail is that that don't know how to get started really making money or they get poor advice on what they really need to do and end up wasting their time and money on schemes that really don't have a chance of working. If you have ever failed at something, the chances are that you failed not because you didn't try, but because you expended your efforts on some untried method that wouldn't work anyway.


I know that this moneymaking method will work for you if you just try it. It is 100% proven to perform "as presented" with no untested theories or overoptimistic and unrealistic assumptions made. To make money with the Simplex Blackjack Strategy, all you have to do is try.

Perhaps the best part of this approach to making and keeping a lot of money is that you don't need any experience whatsoever to be very successful learning and using it.

  • It doesn't matter if you have ever played blackjack.

  • You don't need to know anything about gambling, casinos, probabilities or anything else technical or difficult to master.

  • Your age is not a factor (except that I don't recommend underage gambling).

  • Your sex, gender or sexual orientation is absolutely irrelevant.

  • Your educational level is not a factor in your success. We have medical doctors, CPAs, attorneys, plumbers, school teachers, dentists, students, retirees and assembly line workers in our group of winners.

  • You don't have to have any sales skills to succeed with this strategy.

  • And, you won't need any money to get started.

There is really only one qualification to succeed and perhaps even succeed at a level beyond your wildest dreams -

You have to be willing to make the effort to download the course, follow the step-by-step examples, practice playing some and then set up your own new business as a "Gambling Entrepreneur."

Once you decide to use this special new way of making lots of money, I do suggest that you got about it quietly at your own pace.

"I am a senior citizen who never played blackjack before I got your course. A friend of mine learned to play craps from one of your books and told me about your company. Thanks for sending me the information on your new blackjack course.

"I was afraid that learning blackjack might be too difficult. It did take me a few days to learn how to play my hands, but your instructions were easy to follow.

"Not having much money I set up an account with an online casino and sent them $20 to start. I figured that I could afford to lose $20.

"So far I have made over $600 from this one account. I took your advice and opened two more accounts online so that I could ‘rotate’ my play.

"I want to thank you for all of your help. No only is it very entertaining to play online, but I can really use the extra money."

Clyde J. – Tucson, Arizona



Now I Want You to Picture This . . .

It’s three months from now. You decided to try this course because of my "No-Risk Guarantee"

You downloaded the course and printed in out in its handy 8/12" x 11" reference format.

You went through the lessons and followed the easy to use step-by-step plan.

You followed the precise plan presented in the course and you have been making money consistently ever since.

Now you have another decision to make. You are trying to decide whether to go full-time as a Casino Entrepreneur.

The decision isn't easy. You have averaged two casino trips a month and learned to play online. You have raised your earnings to a comfortable $2,500 to $3,000 a week. While this is certainly nice to have, you are contemplating taking the next step and becoming a full time pro.

Using the guide contained in the course, you estimate that you can play at "Level 3" and average making over $380 an hour. If you put in twenty hours a week (I consider this "full time" as a Simplex Blackjack Strategy player) you will make over $7,500 a week. At this level, you plan on quitting your formerly full time career and becoming a full time player.

Now you face your decision.

I won't try to make this decision for you. What might be right for you will not work for someone else.

What I will do is give you the tools you need so that you very well may have to face this decision in the not to distant future.

But this is the kind of decision that is pleasant to make, as you will continue to be a winner regardless of what you do.


Here are just a few of the lessons we will go through together in the Simplex Blackjack Course. You'll learn -

• A simple way to pick tables where you are most likely to win.

• Special "Power Moves" that can rapidly increase your hourly winning rate with no additional risk!

• The six critical rules you must know to find the best tables. This information alone can double your winnings rate.

• The exact steps you will use to hit and lock up daily profits! You will learn to use this information to win with deadly consistency.

• How to completely avoid casino heat even when winning hundreds of dollars an hour!

• A specific plan you can use to gradually increase the size of your wagers until your hourly winnings hit $676.23 an hour!

• The simple steps you need to know to pick out "beatable" online casinos!

• You'll learn how to use the "Key Bet" and quickly set up winnings of $3,000, $5,000, even $7,000 a week!

• A complete run down on web casinos offering player favorable rules!

• The absolute most critical skill you need for success at blackjack (and no, it has nothing to do with having a good memory)!

• Complete easy-to-use money guide rules that you will use to just devastate the casinos' blackjack games.

• How to take a tiny investment as small as just $20 and make it explode into thousands of dollars in winnings!

• A complete plan to rapidly move up to the $5,000 a week winnings level very quickly with almost zero risk of loss!

The success based on using the Simplex Blackjack Strategy can be repeated. I am confident that you can quickly learn to use this strategy and safely set up your own reliable earnings stream. And, I will give you complete instructions on how to do this in any land-based or Internet casino in the shortest time imaginable!

Get Started Instantly!

All you need to get started is the decision that you'll commit yourself to following the guidance in this step-by-step course. Your entire investment is just $59.97. I think you'll agree that this is a tremendous bargain compared to anything else out there. I was originally planning to sell this information for $299.00 but decided that I wanted to make sure that nearly anybody could afford it and wouldn't have an excuse not to get it.

But, please don't delay grabbing your copy. This offer may be closed at any time.

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To Help You Rapidly Set Up Your New Earnings Stream, I Will Throw in These Valuable Gifts Just For Trying the Simplex Blackjack Strategy

There is no question that using the Simplex Blackjack Strategy can change your life. But I want to make this course even more rewarding for you.

If you order right now, you'll get Four Valuable Gifts, worth $180.00 by themselves.


Gift # 1 - How to Play Blackjack Like A Pro (a $40.00 value) 

Are you a little rusty on all the rules of blackjack? Here's just some of the information you'll get in this fact-filled manual:

  • A simplified playing strategy you can use to make you "instantly deadly." Five minutes after reading this information, you can play even with the house.

  • Complete examples on how blackjack hands should be played and how you can use this information to your advantage.

  • The best way to use the insurance bet that will put you ahead of 98% of all players.

  • How to avoid common playing errors.

  • The best places to play blackjack.

  • How to detect and avoid casino cheating.

  • Why casinos put the heat on certain blackjack players and how to eliminate this risk!

  • Everything you need to know about card counting and why it can be hazardous to your financial health.


Gift #2 - How to Pick an Online Casino - (a $40.00 value).

Are you confused about what's important in picking an online casinos?  Most Internet sites recommending online casinos are at best suspect because they are affiliated with the very casinos they are recommending! Here's an unbiased view that covers all the important matters in choosing an online casino.

  • You'll learn about casino software and payment processing.

  • You'll discover how to pick up "Free Money" from Match Bonuses and even Free Bonuses.

  • You'll discover what to look for in customer support and casino games that are offered.

  • You'll become an "instant expert" on the different deposit and withdrawal option available.

  • You'll learn about online cash programs (many of them pay you cash) and what to look for.


Gift #3
- The Power-Move Online Craps Strategy (a $40.00 value).

If you like craps, you'll love this strategy. Using our highly potent Power Move Internet Craps Strategy is a consistent and proven way to win big playing online. This Special Report contains the complete Power-Move Craps System I have personally used to win thousands of dollars online. You'll learn -

  • Exactly how to play Online Craps and win consistently!

  • Which bets to make and which ones to avoid.

  • A complete betting strategy designed to completely protect your bankroll.

  • Complete examples of how to use this strategy right down to the individual wagers.

  • An easy-to-use plan for profiting from online craps play.


Gift #4 - The Dynamo Online Baccarat Strategy (a $40.00 value).

It’s time you learned the number one game for winning online. This is the strategy the online casinos definitely don't want you to have. Here's just some of what you'll get in our fact-filled Special Report -

  • Powerful, reliable information on the Online version of Baccarat.

  • A simplified strategy you can learn in five minutes that will make you deadly to the online casinos offering this game!

  • Complete instructions on how to play every hand. And when you play online, you can refer to this instruction book as often as you like!

  • Everything you need to make you a deadly winning player almost instantly!



SPECIAL EXTRA GIFT - The Best Internet Blackjack Casinos (a $40.00 Value).

Order Now and for the next 500 orders we will include the latest, hottest info on the Best Internet Blackjack Games in The Best Internet Blackjack Casinos.

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Each and every one of the 93 hand-picked casinos is 100% safe and reliable. And, we give you complete information you will need to play in each casino. You'll get -

  • Complete information on cash bonuses paid by each casino and exactly what you need to do to collect it.

  • Specific Information on the games offered, including maximum and minimum wagers and which games qualify for cash bonuses.

  • Special insider information on which blackjack games are beatable (many of these casinos offer a version of blackjack where you will play at an advantage over the house!)

  • A group of casinos that don't require any deposit in order to play there. You can practice the Power Blackjack Strategy and get paid for doing it!

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Best of all, all of these casinos use 100% safe software that is audited, and independently verified as accurate. What's more these casinos are all legally licensed casinos that are easy to contact, 100% responsive to customers and offer 24 hour a day customer support.

These are the casinos you absolutely need to know about to start a very successful career as a Winning Internet Blackjack Player!

Grab your copy of The Best Internet Blackjack Casinos now when you order the acclaimed Simplex Blackjack Strategy.




You get a full year to try out this dynamic strategy at my risk.  I am so confident in this perfected strategy that if you fail to make at least $5,000, I will refund every penny you paid for the strategy.  

You read correctly . . . 

If the Simplex Blackjack Strategy somehow fails to make at least $5,000 for you or if you are unhappy with it for any reason, just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

Martin J. Silverthorne
Silverthorne Publications, Inc



It's Time to Act!

Now its decision time. You're probably thinking, "Do I really want to take a chance on this strategy? Is it really right for me?"

Let me help you make your decision. I am not asking you to take much risk to try this out. I think my guarantee pretty much covers your downside in trying out this strategy. Your only risk is the time it will take you to download the information I have waiting for you and to take a look at it.

I honestly don't know if this is right for you. If you have read about my colleagues, you know that age, sex and background have zero bearing on whether you can be successful with this strategy. But only you can reach inside yourself and decide whether you really want to make the effort to learn a method that can return outrageous profits.

I can tell you that experience gambling in casinos will make almost no difference in how well you may do. In fact, I think that if you know very little about gambling, you will probably do better because you will be more open to learning about how you really can win consistently with very low risk.

What it may really boil down to is open mindedness. Are you open minded enough to explore this unusual opportunity first hand and then make up your mind?

I do know that if you answer "Yes" to this question and decide to act right now, you can grab your own copy of the proven Simplex Blackjack Strategy Course.


As soon as you order your own Simplex Blackjack Strategy Course, you will be given a special link so that you can immediately download the course and the special gifts.


If you decide to "risk" a couple of hours of your time, you can easily be on a new path to earning huge amounts of money in a way that is fun, not very complicated, doesn't take much money to get started and is very profitable!

Don't bookmark this page and wait to come back to it. Chances are if you do, this opportunity will be closed by the time you remember to come back.

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I look forward to hearing about your wins.

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P.S. Still not sure about trying this? I understand.  My biggest concern would be my time. I just wouldn't want to waste it on something that wasn't real and profitable.

The information you can download right now is set up to minimize your time investment. While I provide you with quite a lot of background information, you don't have to spend a minute on it if you are in a hurry.

To get your profits up and running as quickly as possible, this course will take you through each step, using easy to follow tables giving you complete guidance.

Even if you are extremely cautious, you can be winning in the next day or two in either your favorite land-based casino or on the Internet. But please remember -

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"I didn't expect to write you because I didn't believe that your system would work. I decided to try it because your ad was so convincing, figuring that I would return it pretty quickly. Now, I will admit I was wrong. Everything you said has come true for me. I am winning nearly all of my casino sessions. Some days I almost can't believe this is real.

"I want to thank you for a really good system. I am now averaging making over $3,000 a week, playing one-day in a local casino. I have never had so much fun or so much cash in my life. Thanks again."
Craig H. - Biloxi, Mississippi

"I think your system books are the best I have ever seen. They are fantastic money makers."
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