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Would You Have Believed That You Could Win $150 or More an Hour on Slot Machines Without Hitting Any Jackpots?

I know I didn't!


From: Martin J. Silverthorne
Saturday 1:45 PM

Dear Friend,

Winning consistently on slot machines is one of the most difficult things you could ever hope to accomplish! Slot machines are notoriously fickle. Sometimes you win, mostly you lose, but consistent winnings are not usually in the cards for patrons of the aptly named one-armed bandits.

In the "good ol days" there were a number of successful systems which could be used against the old mechanical slot machines. Have you been in a casino lately and tried to find one of these babies? They're gone. Disappeared. Replaced.

In their place are legions of computer controlled gadgets sporting lights, bells, gimmicks galore, lots of action, and a poorer chance of winning than their mechanical cousins of days gone by.

Until now. I would not have believed what I am about to tell you if I had not experienced it myself. 

There is a way to beat these computers, disguised as slot machines. And the secret lies in the very precision in which these machines are programmed to play.

How Can You Beat a Machine Programmed to Only Pay Back 97.3% of the Money Played?

The casino executives pride themselves on the predictability of the new slot machines. If a machine is programmed to pay back 97.3%, then over time, the machine will return this percentage, or very close to it. How could the casinos lose since no slot machine is ever programmed to pay more than 99% of the coins played in it?

It took a mathematical and statistical whiz to answer this question. Lawrence Steele is one of the brainiest people I know, and one of the reasons I admire him so much is that he uses his skills to solve practical problems.

He is definitely not one of those "pie in the sky" type of intellectuals. Lawrence has spent a great deal of time in casinos (my kind of guy) and has spent the last year playing and analyzing slot machines. And guess what? He has come up with the most incredible way of beating slot machines that I have ever seen.


As a customer of one of your slots manuals, I just wanted to say THANKS. I haven't lost since I purchased it. My worst trip to Las Vegas was a break even and my best I was up $2000.00 + expenses paid. I missed a few big jackpots because I wasn't at max bet. But that's ok because I would have long been out of money without that manual. And as I become better at cycling my bets I am sure that I'll hit once.

Michael L. - Oceanside, California, USA

A Incredible Story That Is 100% True!

I am going to tell you a true story about a very remarkable person who discovered a method that most experts said couldn't be found.

I am talking about the man who developed what has been called "the foolproof way to beat modern slot machines."

The time you spend reading about Lawrence Steele's creation may give you the highest return of anything you do in the next five years!

It started in Las Vegas, where else?

I was attending a two-day seminar involving developing certain commercial real estate properties.

I hadn't wanted to attend this seminar, but a close friend was one of the instructors and I kind of owed him a favor. So, here I was, sitting through one of the most boring presentations I had ever experienced.

During a break, I checked my cell phone and saw that I had missed a call from another friend who has spent his life in the casino business.

The message Harry left was simple. "He was here and I told him you wanted to see him. Here's his number."

I had been trying to track down the elusive slot winner who had developed quite a reputation in certain Las Vegas casinos in the past year.

My friend is a shift manager at the Orleans. His message informed me that the very hard-to-find Lawrence Steele had been in the Orleans, and my friend had talked to him about me and had actually gotten a phone number out of him.


My recent purchase was that of your "Super Slots" book.

On May 1, we were celebrating my wife's 74th birthday, at the Las Vegas Hilton, and employed the strategy, as outlined in the "Super Slots" book, and we had GREAT Success, at the slot machines. I might say, that we left the Hilton, with a few bucks.

Jack J. - Lancaster, California, USA



The reason I wanted to meet this man was simple. I had heard from several sources that he apparently had some way of beating modern computer chip controlled slot machines. A couple of casinos had actually had him under surveillance but couldn't detect any wrong doing.

One of the reasons he was so hard to find was that he never joined any slot player clubs and most casinos didn't have any reason to ask for his identification.

But I had just gotten very lucky. He had won a $2,500 jackpot at the Orleans and because casinos have to report any slot jackpots of $1,200 or more to the IRS, my friend got his ID and found out who he was.

From there it was just a short step to letting him know that I wanted to meet him and discuss a business proposition.

One of the first questions I wanted to ask him was, "How can you beat a machine programmed to only pay back 95% of the money played?" This had to be a neat trick and I couldn't wait to hear his explanation.

The rest of the seminar really dragged. I almost dozed off about 3:00 and then perked up as I started developing my list of questions for Lawrence as the seminar speaker droned on about different property depreciation methods.

I called Lawrence after the seminar and told him who I was. Fortunately he had read one of my books and knew who I was. He told me, "I have been waiting for you to contact me."


"Unbelievable. This is a huge money-maker for me.

"Here’s how I did on my last trip to Tunica, Mississippi. I stayed at Sam’s Town. I made -

  • $1,245 on Monday

  • $846 on Tuesday

  • $693 on Wednesday

  • And, a whooping $3,792 on Thursday.

Plus, I used your suggestions to get my room and meals comped. This was the best casino trip I ever had and I owe it all to your Super Slots System!"

George L. – Arleta, California




My First Meeting With Lawrence

I met Lawrence in Las Vegas at a special meeting set up at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. I walked into the Carson Street Café and spotted him at a table with a full view of the promenade.

Quite frankly, I was not prepared for meeting with him. After exchanging pleasantries, we got right down to business.

"You're here about the slots system, aren't you?" he asked, giving me a very intense look.

I told him that I was more than a little curious about just what he was doing that several casino managers had noticed him. He just chuckled and reached for his briefcase on the floor beside him. He pulled out a ring binder and started showing me the results of his slot machine sessions.

As I turned the pages, I noticed annotations of hourly averages at the bottom of each page.

"What do these numbers mean, Lawrence?" I asked.

"Those are hourly winnings for each group of sessions. I kept track of lots of things, such as the amount of cash in and out, average winnings and so forth. Those numbers on the bottom sort of tell the whole story. Those are hourly winnings for each group of sessions."

On one page he had noted "$158.58."

The next page showed $174.61. The following page recorded $163.82.

As I flipped through the carefully organized notebook, I couldn't help but ask, "Where are your losing sessions? These averages are all positive. I don't care how good you are, you must have losses."

He sort of chuckled again and pointed to some numbers in his columns summarizing his play. "My losses are there. The summary numbers are net of my losses. As you can see, this really is a winning system."

I have to admit that I was impressed. However, numbers in a notebook are one thing and as my not so dumb uncle once said, "Seeing is believing."

So I asked for a demonstration. I was thinking, "Here's where I get the excuses why we can't play right now."

Lawrence looked squarely at me and said, "As soon as I finish my glass of orange juice I am ready if you are."

"The closest thing to legally cheating at slots. What I really like is its consistency. Instead of playing like a mindless zombie (that’s what my husband calls slot machine players) I feel like a pretty smart player.

I picked up another $2,492 in another two days play. This is my fourth winning trip in a row. Great system!"

Lori B. – Waynesboro, Georgia


I Experience My First Demonstration

We spent the next day playing in various "Glitter Gulch" joints and then moved on for another day of play in some of the local casinos which have the highest paying slots.

I can't remember when I have spent two more amazing days. I played strictly dollar machines, and managed to hit only one payoff of 100 to one. No big hits. Lots of 20 to 1, 10 to 1 and 5 to 1 and even 2 to 1 hits, but no big ones. Normally, the only prayer a slot player has is in hitting a large jackpot. It's the payoff you always hear about when you talk to slot players. They'll talk about the time they won $3,000 (never mind that they lost $5,000 getting there). With no big payoffs, I should have lost.

I had a typical slot player's sessions, consisting of piddling payoffs with no jackpots. So I should have lost. This should have been the outcome, but it wasn't.  I made $2,334.00 playing about ten hours!

Lawrence was a little more fortunate than I was and hit one jackpot for $1,500. Reluctantly he showed his driver's license and furnished his social security number so that the casino could report his winning. He told me, "Many times I have made deals to split my winnings with other players just to get them to put the win on their own IDs. I really don't want these bastards to know all about me." He smiled when he said "bastards" so I could tell he really wasn't that upset.


Lawrence Actually Apologized That I Only Won $2,334!

For our two days of play, his winnings were over $4,000 and he actually apologized that I hadn't done better.

I told him no apology was necessary and that I thought winning almost $1,100 a day playing slots was quite adequate.

Lawrence explained how his system worked . . .

He told me that hitting the larger payoffs was strictly a matter of luck, while his system concentrated on hitting the smaller payoffs with great regularity.

He had more than proved his point as far as I was concerned.


I have been using your Super Slots System to play one-dollar slots at the Minnesota and Wisconsin Indian casinos. It works very good if I follow your system.

In five days I won $350, $500, $200, $450 and the last time $900.

It is hard to follow the discipline and not go back to my old ways.

Thank you.

Glen K. - Burleson, Texas, USA




This System is Strictly Geared to the Latest Casino Chip Controlled Slot Machines

Let me tell you at little more about this system. It is geared strictly to playing the computer controlled modern slots. You won't find any hints on how to jerk the lever just right, or any of the other old style slot machinations, because these techniques have absolutely no effect on the microprocessor controlled slots found in casinos today.

What you will find is the most complete slot system ever developed to beat the slots you will encounter in casinos in the 21st century.

The modern slots have as their hearts computer chips which use Random Number Generators to determine their payouts, based on formulas built into the machine's programming. What Steele found was that on certain machines some of these formulas are predictable enough that most payoffs occur within certain ranges of the number of plays.

Lawrence used certain statistical methods to analyze thousands of slot machines in studying how frequently these payoffs occurred. And the results of this tremendous task are simply astounding. He found that certain payoffs on slot machines pay off on predicable cycles. To beat a slot machine, you adjust your wagers to match the machine's cycle, an approach called Cycle Betting. And while Steele's analysis of how to do this was complex, using it to win is very easy.

After purchasing your book Super Slots I put your system to work and increased my winnings dramatically.

Ray P. - Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA



I bought your book "Super Slots" and I really like it a lot. It makes the most sense of any book I've read about slots and seems to work very well (and I've read about every book ever written about slots too).

Jean L. - Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA


I mentioned in my previous letter that I am playing on the Internet. Doing well, went from $1,000 to $2,500 and increased to the next level.

I do like the system. Being a novice to begin with, I am going a bit slow, but again you did a great job on the book and I would be interested in others you have written.

George W. - Seattle, Washington, USA


The First Step is to Find a "Likely Suspect"

This was demonstrated to me again and again. We would pick out a slot, using his Exclusive Slot Discovery Method, a method like no other I have ever seen. We would start playing the machine's cycle and right on schedule the winnings would start. This method even works so well that it works on what Steele calls "tight slots" (what you and I would call "typically lousy slots").

We picked out what Steele promised would be most likely be a tight slot and began playing. While the winnings were not as good as the slots selected by the Discovery Method, we still won! To continue our experiment, I played the same machine for about an hour using the standard slot player's ploy of inserting the maximum number of coins on each pull.

Guess what? The machine was a real zinger. At the rate I was losing, I could see that with a few of these turkeys scattered around the casino, a new casino wing would be built in a couple of years. 

You Will Win Even Without Hitting a Single High Payoff!

Yet even picking one of the worst machines we could find, we were still able to win when we "Cycled" our bets.

When we played on the better machines, which are easy to spot once you know how, the results were outstanding. We won session after session, even when the larger payoffs never showed up! 

"This is really amazing. I am really making money playing slots. Even though you warned me that Foxwoods’ slot payoffs are low I am still winning.

Thanks for a terrific system!"

Vic N. – Brick, New Jersey


Finding the "Best Machines" is Super Easy!

You're probably thinking that finding the best machines to play involves watching machines for hours or some other cumbersome technique that is just not practical for most players. If this was the approach to finding a good machine, I doubt that I would have the patience to use the method. I certainly wouldn't recommend any method which entails standing around the casino for hours watching other people play slot machines.

But we didn't have to watch. We played. As soon as we would enter a casino, Lawrence would tell me how to find the best slots instantly. We didn't waste our time observing any other players, but quickly selected our machines and started playing. Sometimes our first selection wasn't as good as it should have been and Lawrence would insist that we change machines.

But even when a machine did not pay out as much as it should have, we still won money! That is the incredible power of this approach to beating the slots. Even when we made a mistake, our system was so powerful that we kept on winning!


I used the slot machine book and won $500.00

Quite pleased for first time.

Sylvia S. - Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, USA



I'm not a professional gambler but wanted to let you know that I've found your slot system works at least on cruise ships which is our only source of gambling here in Florida.

I recently took a day cruise to the Bahamas and using your slot location system won nearly $500 with a profit for the day of $275. Both of the dollar machines I played in the two ships' casinos were directly in front of the change booth.

Gary F. - Boynton Beach, Florida, USA



My last purchase of "Super Slots" works beautiful.


Frank B. - Austin, Texas, USA



I have not paid for a room in Las Vegas or food since buying your systems, plus taken some money.

I think it is great!

Robert M. - Ridgecrest California, USA



You have changed my life. I have been trying for years to find a dependable way to make money at home and this is it! Thank you for your excellent strategy!

Gary S., Elkhart, Indiana



Everything you said was true. I have won over $7,000 in the past two weeks. What can I say? Great system!

Gene J. - Park Forest, Illinois


Lawrence Steele's slot winning method is like nothing you or I have ever seen.

  • It doesn't involve guesswork.

  • You don't have to be lucky.

  • You don't need to win jackpots.

  • It isn't limited to only a few slot machines that you can never find.

  • And it doesn't take much of a bankroll to get started.

After my eye opening demonstration, I told Lawrence that his methods were just super.

Then I insisted that we offer this Super System to some of my best clients. Lawrence was reluctant. I don't think that sharing the system had crossed his mind. Heck, he was having so much fun playing and winning that the idea of letting other players in on his approach had just not occurred to him.

We finally reached an agreement. My company would have the exclusive right to share this system, which we named Super Slots, to a very limited number of people on a strictly controlled basis. . .

No big promotions. No bookstore sales. No magazine advertising. Just a small mailing to some of my select customers. And Lawrence reserved the right to call it off anytime he chooses. 


Now, You Can Use the Same System That Makes Lawrence "Very Substantial Profits"

Super Slots is not like any system ever written about slots. It is a GUARANTEED, 100% Effective Money Maker that wins consistently, with only a minimum investment. Nothing is left out of this dynamic manual. You will learn:

1. Where the best places to play slots are located!

2. The best machines to play to maximize your winnings!

3. How to find the high payoff slots in any casino!

4. The perfect playing strategy which wins consistently and protects your bankroll at all times.

5. Complete instructions so that you can win wherever you decide to play slots!

Click here to download your copy of Super Slots now!


Super Slots is now available in downloadable form. And it is like nothing else ever written about slots.

I have made it my business to collect other slots systems. And they fall into two categories.  The slick publications, found in bookstores are filled with slots stories, slots histories, a few pretty pictures, but they offer absolutely nothing of value in telling you how to win.  Most mail order slots publications or "so-called systems" sold on the Internet are just (pardon the expression) worthless junk.  They will offer unproven playing methods that will cost you a lot more than the price of the pamphlet. 

The Information You Will Receive is Complete and Ready to Use!

Super Slots
is unique among slots publications.  

It is a complete manual that guides you every step of the way in becoming a slots winner. 

Left out are the pages of "funny stories" designed to fill space. 

Gone are the worthless unproven theories that will cost you your bankroll. 

Instead, you will find a complete method that tells you exactly how to win on slot machines. There are no unproven theories here!



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Lawrence Steele has done all of the hard work to make you a consistent winner. And nothing is held back.

  • You will be shown how to find the highest paying slots in any casino, without any guesswork.

  • You will learn, like I did, how to instantly zero in on the high potential slots and start winning $150 or more an hour without ever hitting a jackpot.

  • And if you goof up and pick an inferior machine, you will still win.

  • Your bankroll will be protected at all times.

  • And think what hitting the occasional jackpot will mean.  A jackpot will be a "bonus payoff" not your only chance of winning at slots.  Sort of like a nice bonus on top of a good salary.  But you won't need jackpots to win!

The casinos definitely don't want you to have this information. They figure that slot machines are a rigged game (and not in your favor) and that the casino atmosphere, including the so-called freebies, should make you happy to give them your hard earned money. They rely on the infrequent high jackpots to create enough publicity so that the armies of suckers will continue to pour into the casinos and transfer their cash to the casino's coffers. Sort of like getting mugged by a polite mugger.

But this is about to change for the lucky few who acquire the Super Slots system. 


If you've already decided to order this powerful complete Slot Machine Winning Course , click here now and I'll even throw in Five Big Bonuses Worth $200.00!

You get a full year to try it out at my risk. If the Super Slots Strategy somehow fails you,  just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

However, if you are still not convinced, and you'd like to read more about how others have done using this system, just keep reading . . .


You Can Turn Slot Machines Into a "Player Favorable Game"

For those who are fortunate enough to acquire this manual, the tables will turn from a game loaded strictly in favor of the casinos to a player favorable game.

And think what this means. You can use these techniques to beat the casino's slot racket wherever you choose.

  • In Nevada you can play in Las Vegas, or Reno or Laughlin, or in the lovely Lake Tahoe area.

  • Or in Foxwoods in Connecticut surrounded by pristine woodlands.

  • Or on the scenic Illinois or Iowa river boats.

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  • Or in Minnesota.

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  • Or in the beautiful mining towns nestled in the Rockies in Colorado?

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  • Or on exciting cruise ships?

  • Or the tropical Caribbean islands?

  • Or the exotic Far East?

  • Or on the incomparable French Riviera?

  • How about a trip to where it all started in Monte Carlo?

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Here are just a few of the lessons we will go through together to get you on the road to making a fortune playing slot machines:


  • A simple way to pick slot machines where you are most likely to win.

  • Complete information on Lawrence's remarkable "Slot Discovery Method."

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"I thought you might like to know that I have had good luck using your slots system in online casinos. I guess their machines must use similar logic to the ones in casinos. Whatever the reason, your system works just fine. So far I am up over $5,000 playing online. Thanks."

Ralph D. – Jacksonville, Florida



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