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Target Roulette!

There is one moneymaking method that stands head and shoulders above the competition. It produces greater profits, with less risk, the lowest effort and greatest consistency of anything you have ever read or heard about. You are about to discover how this same strategy can "put your earnings in overdrive" and help you set up a "fantastic stream of profits."

"Make $100 for every 15 minutes you spend online. You can do this quickly, easily and in the most relaxed manner possible."

On the next page I am going to give you the same secrets I use to set up a dependable never-ending source of income that I can tap any time I want.

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From: Martin J. Silverthorne
11:36 A. M.

If you are like most people who try to make money as an entrepreneur, you're struggling just to make an income you can live on. Whether you have wrestled with MLM schemes, mail order and Internet marketing strategies - or purchased advice from so-called experts - you've been disappointed.

Worse, with so much "how-to" information out there, you can become paralyzed and not know what you really need to do. And, if you know how the world works, you understand that you are always racing against time. Most of your rightful profits are up for grabs. But with each passing day . . .

You don't know me yet, I realize, but I honestly hate to think of you wasting another year of your life, and thousands of dollars, trying to increase your income using methods that are almost certain to fail. Regardless of what you have heard, building up your own business, a business that you can rely on to provide you with superior profits, is fraught with danger.

I want to share with you a better way to make lots of money.  I want to show you the same bulletproof strategy I use to make lots of money anytime I want with almost hundred percent certainty of success and close to zero risk of failure.


I'm talking about a strategy that shows . . .

  • How I can log on to almost any Internet casino and within minutes generate a profit of at least $300, all with low risk and a low investment.

  • How my protégées and I have set up regular income streams, sometimes in excess of $10,000 a week of pure profits, without any employees, overhead, business licenses or even the need to leave home!

  • How to make small wagers at casino roulette and win $180 an hour using a "hit and run" system with an average time investment of just 20 minutes per game!

  • How it can provide the kind of steady and predictable profits that almost no other kind of business can.


And, that's just the tip of the iceberg!

I have discovered a strategy for playing casino roulette that wins 98.1% of the coups and an astounding 94.3% of the games.

As a $5 bettor in a land-based casino, you can make $300 an hour using this strategy.

If, you decide to play in the faster paced online casinos, you can skyrocket your net profits to over $500 an hour, just using $5 as your base bet!


Select Players are "Cleaning up" at Roulette!

Right now, a group of select players are cleaning up at roulette, and the casino bosses are helpless to stop it unless they stop offering roulette. And they are not about to do that because roulette is an essential table game in any first class casino!

Let me tell you the dirty truth about roulette. The casinos love this game because the house edge is so high. The bosses believe that the overwhelming house edge will eventually grind down everyone who plays the game.

The casino's edge is a tough to beat 5.27% on the American "two zero" wheels. This kind of house advantage will eat up the typical player's bankroll very quickly. Even playing the European "single zero" wheels, with their lower house edge of 1.35%, will destroy the bankroll of almost all players.

Until now, the only way to beat roulette consistently was to cheat or to find a biased wheel. I won't even talk about cheating except to say "Don't even consider it."

Finding a biased wheel is harder than finding the proverbial "needle in the haystack." To find a biased roulette wheel requires watching the game for hours, or even days, and recording every single roulette decision

Then, according to the theory, you take this information home, spend a few more days analyzing it with a computer, and, if you are lucky, you may find a wheel which is out of kilter enough to give you a small advantage.

Next, you must use a huge bankroll and hope to grind out small winnings per hour until the casino catches on and removes the wheel.

This is the so-called "scientific way" to beat roulette. I can't think of anything more boring than watching a roulette wheel for days at a time.

There are some roulette systems being sold using this wheel clocking approach. However, the unique Target Roulette approach is nothing like this.


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Target Roulette Uses A Proven System
to Amass High Winnings

The Target Roulette Strategy uses a simple, but proven method, of targeting certain numbers on every roulette wheel and then using this knowledge to run up huge winnings. There is never any reason to stand around and record roulette spins.

With this dynamic method, you can start beating the roulette game as soon as you begin playing! Best of all, there is not a thing the casinos can do to stop you!

  • Using this proven system of finding the key numbers, the winnings are truly phenomenal.   

  • Five-dollar bettors win over $300 an hour!

  • Wager with $25 chips and win $1,500 an hour!

  • You can easily win $5,000 a day without even breaking into a sweat.

I have never seen a more powerful proven way to win huge amounts of money in just a short time period. And the thing I like the best about the Target Roulette Strategy is the very low risk!

Many gambling systems win some of the time. The typical system is usually presented with only its winnings discussed. Losses are ignored in describing the system. Yet losses are a real part of casino gambling.

Most gambling systems are very risky and will cost you a lot of money. They only win occasionally, and when they lose, you will end up giving back all of your winnings plus all of the money you brought for gambling!

The typical gambling system is extremely hazardous to your pocketbook! That is why I am so impressed with this Target Roulette Strategy. With its very high win rate of over 94%, your risk of loss is very small. And when you do lose, you won't lose very much.

That is why Target Roulette has been called "the perfect winning strategy."  Why don't you give it a try? If you order now, I will include an exciting free bonus manual which will tell you how you can maximize your return from the casinos. Before I tell you more about this proven winning strategy, I want you to know that it is not just another theoretical system. This is a simple, but powerful, proven system, which works in both actual casinos and in online casinos.

Here’s what some of my protégées say about Target Roulette


"I never believed that any gambling system would really work. Your Target Roulette System not only works but provides me with consistent profits I can count on. Last week I cleared $5,730 playing against Internet casinos. This is an outstanding money maker."
Donald R. - Simi Valley, California

"Two months have passed . . . I have made well over $28,000 using your strategy in both real and virtual casinos."
Lou T. - Kansas City, Missouri

"Martin, you convinced me to try this system even though I am not a gambler. I now make over $1,000 a night off the online casinos."
Chris F. - Pearl City, Hawaii

"I haven't yet played enough to set up a regular profit stream. However, I have won every time I have played and am now ahead over $7,000. This is great!"
Tom A. - Mesquite, Texas

"I just took a vacation to the Bahamas and paid for it with my roulette winnings. My wife and I are just delighted as we love to travel and now we have the means to do so much more often."
Karl B. - Spencer, Indiana

"I am forgetting about trying to set up a profit-making web site and using all of the techniques which are supposed to bring in profits. Nothing is easier or more profitable than playing roulette online with your strategy. Last week I cleared over $6,000 and this is pretty typical.

Let me see, no web hosting fees, no advertising costs, no search engine strategies, no employees and almost no hassle. Just
profits every time I use it. You have a winner here."
Al N. - Fair Lawn, New Jersey



Just How Effective is this "Target Roulette" Strategy?

Most people think that playing roulette is just a matter of luck. Nothing could be further from the truth. While most people play the game just like it's (pardon the expression) a craps shoot, in reality every wheel reveals certain patterns that can be played successfully.

If you were to observe 38 spins of a roulette wheel (the number of spots for numbers on an American double-zero wheel), you will always find that some numbers come up several times and others never show at all. This always happens and it doesn’t matter whether the wheel is a real one in a casino in Las Vegas, or in Nice, France, or located in Badden Badden, Germany, or a virtual wheel in an Internet casino.

The results of every wheel's spins will result in some numbers repeating, while others never show.

Anyone who has played the game or is knowledgeable about gambling will know that this is true. Many persons have known about this phenomenum, but until Target Roulette was created, there was never a reliable way to profit by this knowledge.

Fortunately, a genius named Andrew Devereau figured out how to profit from this unique information. He spent the better part of five years painstakingly testing every possible way to exploit this occurrence.

The results are nothing short of amazing. Andrew unlocked the key to beating any roulette wheel using a very straightforward process.

By observing just a few spins, you can start to identify "Key Numbers" on the wheel. Then the magic begins. You set up your special bets designed to capture a profit from the information you have uncovered.

Your first bet may not win. You may not even win your second bet. But you are highly favored to win a bet that will automatically produce a nice profit in one or just a few spins.

Andrew called such a win "completion of a coup." Now here is where my heart starts to beat fast.

How often do you think you will complete a coup successfully? If you guessed 75%, you would be heading in the right direction.

What about 80%? Does this percentage sound favorable? Keep going. You are not even close.

Try 90%. With a 90% win rate you can win large sums with a system. But this is even better.

Okay, you are thinking, just how good is the win rate of Andrew's system?

We have documented proof in the form of thousands of roulette spins testing the strategy that shows a win rate of 98.1%

This win rate is absolutely amazing.



Now Take This One Step Further . . .

You chance of winning each coup is 98.1%, which is about as close to a certain thing as anything that happens in life.

Part of the genius of this system is giving you an "automatic trigger" you will use to call each game of roulette completed.

One of the major reasons most persons lose at gambling is that they don't know when to quit. (You know, "You've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run.")

Here's the trigger you will use to lock up your profits automatically. After you complete three coups (or wins) you have completed a game.

This may take five minutes or as long as thirty minutes. The average length of time playing in a real casino is about fifteen to twenty minutes.

So, let me summarize here. After you read the system I will send you and practice just a little, you will walk up to a roulette wheel or sign on to an online casino (don't worry if you haven't ever done this; it is easy and I will show you every step to take).

After just a few spins, you will know which key numbers to play. Now I haven't discussed this, but how you play these numbers is just as critical as knowing how to find the numbers.

You make your wagers and wait. Let's say it takes three spins before you win your first coup. You keep right on playing and set up the wagers for your second coup. Bingo. It hits two spins later.

Now you set up for your third and final coup. This one takes a total of five spins before rewarding you.

You can now take a break. The system guarantees a profit. One player called this "the ultimate no muss, no fuss way of winning."

That's it. You check your watch. That game took 12 minutes. You can start another game right then or relish your latest victory before starting a new contest. If really doesn't matter. Your odds of winning are so heavily in your favor that you will almost forget that you still can lose a coup.



So What Happens if I Lose a Game? Will This Cost Me a Bundle?

I bet you thought you got me. There has to be some catch, something bad I am not telling you about. That's the way most gambling systems are. The publisher only tells you all the good things and doesn't level with you about the downside.

Well, I am not like that. You will lose once in a while. Our testing shows that you will lose, on the average, one coup in every 52.63 attempts. And you will lose some money when you have a loss.

But here's the beauty of the system. You will not lose much more than the amount you make in a couple of games. Now you can do the arithmetic.

Here's another way of looking at it. You will win 94.3% of your games. Your occasional loss will never be as much as the amount you win during your winning games. The result?

Here's what Paul H., a protégée of mine, says about his experiences . . .

"I was very skeptical when I ordered your Target Roulette Strategy. As a trained mathematician, I look at roulette as a game of chance, where the house has a defined advantage over the players. Conventional thinking is that this game is unbeatable, because no strategy can alter the immutable laws of probability.

"That was my thinking before I read and actually tried your system. What I found is simply astounding. You are using the laws of averages to overcome a zero-sum game. This shouldn't be possible, but I think the results speak more clearly than theory.

"So far, I have won over $10,000, playing against a game I formerly considered unbeatable, using a system that should lose, but doesn't. I have to congratulate you. Not only has this been an eye opening experience for me, but I love winning the money. I think you have made me a believer. Thanks for some good mental exercise analyzing your system and some great fun winning with it."



Let's Compare Using Target Roulette With a More Conventional Business

Most businesses require that you carry inventory or furnish some kind of service which may take years of training. As a roulette entrepreneur you won't have to tie up one cent in inventory or spend any additional time getting training. The manual I will send you has all the information you need to get going.

The bane of most small businesses is finding and keeping dependable, reliable employees.

Wal-Mart is one company that comes to mind that seems to do a good job with its employees. Chili's Restaurant is another. But these are exceptions. Most small businesses are beset with employee problems, running from high turnover to even employee theft. Using the Target Roulette Strategy will free you from these problems because you never need to hire anyone.

Even if you operate a business out of your home, you will still have recurring monthly expenses. Expenses like telephone, computer software, office supplies and advertising can really add up. In addition, most businesses are not home businesses and the owner must pay costly rent and acquire expensive furniture and specialized equipment just to open the door.

As a Target Roulette proprietor, you will have very few expenses. If you like to frequently travel to Las Vegas, like I do, you can run up some bills. However, I have never failed to pay for all of my expenses and make a profit using this strategy. Besides, you don't even have to travel to set up your new business. At last count there are 3,000 online casinos, many of them offering favorable versions of roulette.

You don't ever have to visit a casino to profit. I'll show you the exact steps you will take to start winning $500 to $2,000 a day for a little time online.

As a roulette businessperson, you can set your own hours. The idea of leaving the nine to five routine is what attracts most people to setting up their own business. Then reality hits - Most small business owners work many more hours than the standard forty hours a week. Fifty, 60, even 80-hour weeks are common for many business owners.

Vacations? Once you set up your own business you might be lucky enough to be able to take off four or five days. If you take off longer, you will quickly discover that cleaning up the mess you will find when you return is not worth the pleasure of a few days off.

With Target Roulette, you set your own hours. If you want to play a couple of hours a day online, that's fine. If you prefer playing in real casinos, you determine the schedule. I prefer to travel in the middle of the week when there are fewer patrons in most casinos. But you can do whatever you want. Nothing will force you to work any longer than you want.

Most businesses do not last even five years. The U.S. Small Business Administration calculates a failure rate of 90% for new businesses. Most would-be entrepreneurs don't think about failure when they start out, but as time passes and the problems of making a profit become more pressing, many start to look forward to the time when they can walk away from their business.

This won't happen to you once you make the decision to become a roulette entrepreneur. First, the high win rate of over 98% is totally documented. Instead of facing the prospect of a 90% failure rate like most new businesses, you will have a 98% success rate backing you up!



Let This Powerful Winning Strategy Work for You!

In just a few minutes you can download the remarkable moneymaking package I have waiting for you. Here's just some of what you'll find in the information-filled manual I have prepared -

  • You'll learn everything you need to know about roulette. My course is complete. Even if you have never played the game, you will become a pro in just a short time.

  • You'll find complete step-by-step instructions to follow which will reveal exactly how you can set up a reliable new stream of profits.

  • You'll discover exactly how to find and exploit the "key numbers" on any roulette wheel. You can apply this knowledge to beat online wheels as well as wheels in land-based casinos.

  • You'll learn special techniques you can use that make setting your winning strategy very, very easy.

  • You learn exactly how to set up your bets so that you consistently average winning 98.1% of the time - just like we do!

  • You'll learn the incredibly effective method you will use to always know exactly what to bet and the size of your wagers.

  • You'll see how you can gain and keep an advantage over any roulette game - virtually undiscovered!

  • You'll get the critical information you need to beat any roulette wheel - whenever and wherever you choose to play!

  • You'll receive specific examples of exactly how this system worked in real casinos - right down to a bet by bet analysis!

  • You'll get previously hidden information about this game that will electrify your play and allow you to create your own pattern of winning games.

  • You'll discover how you can legally, and with low stress and little hassle, put these methods to work so that the casinos cannot stop you from building a powerful profit stream!



With the Power of This Strategy --

You Are Favored to Win! This strategy can be used on any roulette wheel. You can put the power of Target Roulette to work wherever you find a roulette game. Once you do this, you are highly favored to win and keep on winning.

You can beat any roulette game. You will terrorize the roulette tables in Las Vegas. The Mississippi games will be a snap to beat. Atlantic City wheels? "Easiest money you will ever make."

How about single-zero European roulette? The Target Roulette Strategy unerringly zeros in on the Key Numbers, so that you will start winning immediately.

Given the way roulette is played, there is nothing the casinos can do to prevent you from winning with this strategy. And once you start winning, you can take huge amounts of cash from the casinos!

With a win rate of 94.3%, winning with the Target Roulette Strategy is the easiest thing you will ever do. Can you think of anything else with a win rate this high?

Try speculating in the stock market. You will never achieve anything close to a 94% win rate. Or how about baseball? Can you imagine a player with a batting average of 943? With this powerful strategy working for you, you can walk up to any roulette wheel and start winning large amounts of money in a very short period of time.

Pick your favorite casino. It doesn't matter whether you are playing at the Flamingo Hilton in Kansas City or the Palace Station in Las Vegas. You can play on The President Riverboat Casino in Davenport, Iowa. Or perhaps you prefer the Players Riverboat Casino in Metropolis, Illinois. Or the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

You can use this system and win in Mississippi. In New Jersey. In New Mexico, Nevada and Missouri.

Do you like to travel? All of your vacations can be paid for using this incredible winning strategy. Visit Antigua or Aruba in the Caribbean. Or England. Or France. How about Gibraltar or Luxembourg?

Why not plan a trip to Monaco and pay for it with your roulette winnings?

If you want to go a different direction, you can play in New Zealand or Australia. The casinos "down under" are excellent for using this strategy!

You can even use the Target Roulette Strategy against the Internet casinos.

Every roulette wheel, even the computer driven games online, will reveal its key numbers to you and give you the exact information you need to start beating the game! Once you decide where you want to play, you will know exactly what to do.

This powerful strategy will guide you every step of the way.

You will know exactly how much to buy-in for roulette play.

Your bets will be automatic, guided by the target strategy. You will know exactly which bets to make as the "Key Numbers" are revealed to you. Here’s an example of how easy winning is . . .


"You have changed my life.  I have been trying for years to find a dependable way to make money at home and this is it!  Thank you for your excellent strategy!"

Gary S., Elkhart, Indiana



With Target Roulette You Will Win Game After Game!

Let me show you just how easy this is. I have summarized a couple of hour’s play on a recent trip to Las Vegas. My average session lasted only 15 minutes. And look what I won using $5 base wagers —



Time Played



16 minutes



17 minutes



9 minutes 



22 minutes



14 minutes



16 minutes



16 minutes



105 minutes



If you care to compute my hourly winnings, it works out to $314.00 an hour.  I was using a $300 bankroll and making $5 wagers.  As you can see, the power of this system is very strong.

I haven't found an easier or more effective way of beating casinos than using this system to target and beat the roulette wheels!

When you use this incredible targeting approach, you will feel like you have clairvoyant powers, as wager after wager wins.

Many dealers will shake their heads in amazement as you win bet after bet. This strategy is so effective that it simply overcomes the house edge in this game!

Occasionally, the house will win. No system is perfect. However, the losses will be small and infrequent. You will easily make up for any losses with the almost never-ending stream of winning sessions.

You must have this system now! I have put together all of the winning information you need in a fact-filled manual.

You will learn how to start with the smallest bankroll and rapidly become a black chip player.

You will learn exactly how to use "hit and run" tactics so that you can plan on winning each session in just a few minutes. Nothing is held back in the manual I have waiting for you. 

Once you have it, you will have the ultimate, high-powered moneymaking system you can use anytime, anywhere you want to win phenomenal amounts of money!


If you've already decided to order this manual, click here now and I'll even throw in Four Big Bonuses Worth $160.00!

You get a full year to try it out at my risk. If Target Roulette somehow fails you (and it hasn't failed to perform yet), just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!



However, if you are still not convinced, and you'd like to read more about how others have done using this system, just keep reading . . .


How It All Started . . .

I thought you might like to know about the origin of the Target Roulette Strategy.

I discovered this system several years ago when I met Andrew Devereau to review his new roulette system.  Andrew has created several winning strategies for roulette (I published an earlier strategy of Andrew's called The Wheel of Fortunes).   We met strictly for the purpose of reviewing his latest creation which he promised is "unbelievably reliable."

I don't normally go out of my way to seek out and meet with persons who create and sell gambling systems. Many of the systems are fraudulently presented, or at best, are just untested theories that don't work as promised.

I made an exception in meeting Andrew because of his reputation. He is not a gambling system peddler by trade - he works as an aerospace engineer.

When he met me, he was not particularly interested in selling his system to anyone. He was using the system himself and making a darned good side income playing roulette. This was before online casinos had proliferated and he confined his play to Las Vegas casinos, since he lives in Phoenix and Las Vegas is only a short drive north.

Andrew wanted me to help him evaluate his system. He had accumulated a lot of data from playing games in Las Vegas casinos and he wanted to go a step further and have it professionally evaluated.

Since I formed Silverthorne Publications in 1988, my major focus has been to find or develop promising gambling strategies and release the handful that can pass a battery of tests I use.

Andrew was seeking my services with his system.

I first evaluated his system for logic, consistency and reliability. I do this using a battery of tests, including computer-simulated games. If a system can get past these tests (most don't), then I will consider the system for casino play.

Even passing the initial tests doesn't guarantee that I will ever use the system in a casino. For instance, I can name half a dozen systems that are consistent and reliable enough but they fail in other areas.

I won't accept any system that:

  • Requires standing around recording decisions and then jumping in for a few bets.

  • Doesn't win enough per hour to make it worthwhile.

  • Is too complicated to use and requires the extensive use of paper and pencil just to figure out how to use it.

  • Requires betting a large amount in exchange for a small win.

  • Can only be used during unusual circumstances, meaning that the user will spend most of his time just observing.

  • Can't produce wins in a short-time period on a consistent basis.

Andrew's system passed all of the initial tests. I fact, I was so impressed with it that I immediately tried the system in a local casino.

I am pleased to report that the system performed just as well for me as it had for Andrew. Now I faced a dilemma.



Testing, Testing and More Testing . . .

I was convinced that the Target Roulette Strategy was filled with promise. But I needed help desperately to help evaluate it.

You see, based on my preliminary tests of the strategy, I had worked out a deal with Andrew to distribute a limited number of copies of the system. Now I had boxed myself into a corner. Because of other commitments, there was no way that I could play this system enough to ensure that it was everything it appeared to be. Yet I needed to test the system a lot more before I could be certain that it performed well in all conditions.

That's when a bit of luck helped me out.

I ran into an old friend, Jim K., at lunch one day. He was heading to Biloxi, Mississippi, with his wife for her high school reunion. He told me he really dreaded the trip, because he had agreed to stay for five days and he knew that June, his wife would kill him if he didn't go. Yet her plans consisted of "almost endless visiting with old friends" as he put it, and he really wasn't up for it.

I made a suggestion. "Why don't you work for me while you are down there? It will give you something to do every day and a way to make a little money at the same time."

I knew I had his attention. I explained about the roulette project. I told him that the last time I was in Biloxi I had gambled at Boomtown Casino as well as the Isle of Capri Casino, and I recalled that both casinos offered roulette.

A smile filled his face as we concocted a plan. He would go with June to some of her social events, including the reunion itself. The rest of the time he would work for me as an official "roulette system tester."

Jim said he really looked forward to telling June's friends what he was up to.

Jim was one of several of my group of friends who helped me out with the testing.  It was an unusual way to gather statistics on the roulette system, but it worked.  Each tester played the system in accordance with exact instructions.  Complete information was recorded, including the average win per coup, the percent of attempted coups won, the percent of games won and lost, the average win per hour, the bankroll used and many, many more items of information that were very necessary to complete my evaluation of this system.

Are you curious how well Jim did? Well, playing with $5 chips, he won each day. Here's a brief summary of four days play in Biloxi casinos:


















If you've already decided to take me up on this Risk-Free Offer, click here now and you can have the Target Roulette Manual in your hands five minutes from now!

You get a full year to try it out at my risk.  If Target Roulette somehow fails you (and it hasn't failed to perform yet), just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

However, if you're not yet convinced, and you'd like to read more about the specific strategies you'll learn in my course, just keep reading . . .



Here's Why You'll Gain an Unfair Advantage Over the Casinos . . .

The typical roulette system is strictly what I call "a mechanical system." The system will specify that if this happens then you will wager that amount.

Over the past couple of hundred years, there have been dozens of these systems created for roulette. To name just a few, Martingale, Grand Martingale, Labouchere, Reverse Labouchere, D'Alembert, Ascot and various types of parlays. There is even one system with the colorful name "Oscar's Grind."

Some of these systems are better than others, but they all eventually lose and you cannot become a consistent winner with any of them.

There is another school of thought that entails finding a biased roulette wheel. This has been called the "scientific approach" to roulette. Please don't be fooled by its name.

The so-called scientific approach entails Wheel Clocking a roulette wheel. The idea is to find a roulette wheel that is out of balance or has some other defect that causes some numbers to appear more often that others.

To be reasonably sure that a wheel is biased, you should record a minimum of 800 spins. In the United States, with an average spin rate of 100 spins per hour, this would take you about eight hours. At the slower European rate of 40 spins an hour, accumulating the information on 800 spins will take about 20 hours.

After taking a sample, there are methods you can use to determine if the frequency of a number is statistically significant, indicating some bias towards that number.

Obviously this approach applies only to mechanical wheels and is not valid for the virtual roulette games in online casinos.

It is also a fairly painful way to earn a living. Of course, you could hire assistants to clock wheels for you and only call you when a biased wheel is found.

After finding an appropriate wheel,  you will have to play the wheel for many hours to exploit the bias.  Many times a signal of bias will turn out to be false and you will gain no advantage at all using this approach.

As you may have guessed by now, I don't have much patience with using wheel clocking to find and play a biased wheel.

And we know that the mechanical betting systems will not win on their own. There has to be a better way.  Fortunately there is a better system. 

That system is Target Roulette. Instead of having to observe a wheel for  eight to twenty hours, hoping to detect a bias, you will exploit short-term imbalances in the distribution of numbers.

And with this approach, you are not limited to only real roulette wheels. The same principles work with virtual or software created roulette wheels.

Instead of observing for hours, you just watch a few spins or even use the display boards that many casinos have for their roulette wheels. Every table will produce numbers of the short-term in an unevenly distributed way. And, using the Target Roulette approach you can gain what I call an "unfair advantage" over the casinos.



Secrets That Not One Person in 10,000 Knows

If you decide to claim Target Roulette and download this information in the next five minutes, you should know what you are getting.

First, you can feel confident that the information you will receive is complete. It is not some "teaser" designed to upgrade you to something more expensive.

Second - and much more important, because this information has been restricted, very few persons are privy to its exclusive targeting approach. You can be assured that hardly any gamblers know of this system and that almost no one else has considered treating this highly refined winning strategy as a business.

You need to ask yourself which you'd rather have.  The same cheap mass-marketed books that everyone else buys (with techniques that have been worn out and abused)? Or a strategy that is proven to work and will give you a competitive edge almost no one else has ever thought of?

Look:  Most people fail because they don't know where to start. That's why I have organized the Target Roulette Manual in a clear, step-by-step manner. Instead of being overwhelmed, you'll have a clear game plan that you can use in any casino, either real or virtual.

Best of all you don't need a technical or mathematics background to implement this strategy. You don't need any special equipment or experience. You won't need to buy any products, create a marketing plan or hire any employees.

All you need to do is order the Target Roulette manual, read it, practice the techniques you will learn and set up your new "Roulette Winning Business."

You don't have to tell anyone what you are doing, as it is really no one's business. You can ever set up your new business on your home computer and bring in $500 to $1,000 a day very easily playing roulette online.

Now picture this: It's a year from today (or a lot sooner), and you've made thousands (or even tens or hundreds of thousands) using this special strategy. You have developed an extraordinary way of making money that no one else knows about that brings in bucket loads of cash every time you use it.

Even better, you know that you can continue to make money quickly and easily and that you can use special technique revealed in the manual to double or even triple your hourly winnings rate.

Now, stop and look back on today. Considering that you have set up an easy foolproof way to make anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or even $3,000 a day, what do you think it is worth?

I did a quick survey of roulette systems for sale on the Internet. Some are as low as $29.95.  Here you will get one of the old mechanical systems, like the Martingale betting strategy, that is doomed to failure.

You can move up quickly in price. There are several systems selling for $200 to $1,000. Then the price jumps.  One system promoted in Casino Player magazine sells for $1,200 (but they don't advertise the price, you have to call a 1-800 number and ask for a brochure). Another one sold over the Internet by a man living in Italy goes for $2,000.

I will save you some time and money here. I have bought nearly every one of these systems.  I have done this not because I am the ultimate sucker, but because it is my job to know what is out there.

None of these systems are winners.  In fact, some of the $29.95 systems are just as good as the $1,000 ones.  Please save your money.  Most of these system sellers are promoting versions of the same systems that have been around for over one hundred years.  They didn't work in France in 1910 and they don't work now!

Now consider some of the other options if you want to get into business, or if you have a business that needs to be energized.

You can buy into any of dozens of MLM programs. Frankly, I don't recommend any of them. You will lose your money and your time in these programs, and you will not gain what you want and need, which is true financial independence.

You can try Internet marketing. Trust me. It is a lot harder than it sounds. In spite of what you may have heard, the most important ingredient in not how clever your marketing is but having an absolutely proven product that is unique, valuable and cannot be easily duplicated.

You can flounder around for years trying and failing at different system or opportunities. Or you can sign up to become one of the few who have a tested and proven way to generate a reliable income in the most unique manner I know - taking it from the casinos!

"I didn't expect to write you because I didn't believe that your system would work. I decided to try it because your ad was so convincing, figuring that I would return it pretty quickly. Now, I will admit I was wrong. Everything you said has come true for me.  I am winning nearly all of my casino sessions. Some days I almost can't believe this is real.

"I want to thank you for a really good system.  I am now averaging making over $3,000 a week, playing one-day in a local casino. I have never had so much fun or so much cash in my life. Thanks again."
Craig H. - Biloxi, Mississippi


"I have the Target Roulette, it works very well. Also have the Killer Gambling Strategies, I have quite a collection from Martin.  But my cup of tea is Roulette. Thank You again!"
Earl N. St Louis, Missouri


"I'm still winning with your roulette system.

"I'm on schedule to put in my notice at work by mid December give or take."
Chris T. Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"Please tell Mr. Silverthorne , "THANK YOU" for all of the very helpful books which have changed my life (its nice to eat regularly again with milk to drink and an apple to eat whenever the urge strikes."
Thaddeus S. - Detroit, Michigan


"I mentioned in my previous letter that I am playing on the Internet. Doing well, went from $1,000 to $2,500 and increased to the next level.

"I do like the system. Being a novice to begin with, I am going a bit slow, but again you did a great job on the book and I would be interested in others you have written."
George W. - Seattle, Washington


"I am very impressed with your publications and manner of doing business. I have found your publications to be worthwhile and they have paid for themselves many times over. Thank you."
Meyer C. - Omaha, Nebraska


"The value gained from your information is far greater than what it has cost me in dollars and cents. You sir, have class. Thank you for your response and thank you for the forthright and generous manner in which you replied. Have a productive day."
Gary N. - Pueblo, Colorado


"Having purchased your manual, I must say that it is the best publication on the market."
Malcolm M. - Aiea, Hawaii


"I retired a few years ago, and like a lot of folks, I find it pretty hard to get along on my retirement "income" if you can call it that. So I started out looking for ways I could supplement my income with only a small amount of capital.

"I got your manual on Roulette and I practiced it on paper with a computer program for over 10,000 spins of the wheel.  By golly, it worked just exactly like he said it would.  I had 98.2% of my coups turn out to be winners.

"Not wanting to be 'scared off' again, I practiced at home with a roulette table layout like the one in the casino, only about 1/3 of the size, and used poker chips from Toys R Us to put the wagers down as the computer spun the wheel.  Again, it worked out just like in the manual, and I got the "feel" of the game.

"This gave me the confidence to go to the casino and try my hand at the "real thing." Now keep in mind that this old retired fart had never be on anything in his life, so that was one hell of a big step for me. To make it easier, I started with 25 cent chips so that if I lost a coup it was only $30.  I figured, even I could handle that.  Well, the good news is that I didn't lose any more than what is normal, less then 2% of my coup attempts.  I actually made the amount of profit I should have made.

"I thought you would like to know that the information in the roulette manual has really worked, at least for one of your customers."
Robert Preston - Oroville, Georgia


"This publication is well worth the price and has given me much more fun and profit than I ever imagined. This system is the most beneficial and most profitable."
M. B., Jackson, Mississippi




So What is the Cost of the Target Roulette Strategy?

Surveying the competition didn't help me much in setting a price. If I priced it at its true value, I should charge at least $2,500 and limit the system to 100 buyers. This would net me a cool $250,000 and make sure the system is not oversold.

If I decided to mass market this system, too many casinos would catch on and they would institute counter measures like they have done to blackjack card counters. In this scenario, only the bosses would win.

I have come up with a compromise.  I am not going to charge you $2,500 even though you can easily win this much in a day or two of play.

And, I am not going to give this system away priced like the junk systems at $29.95 or $34.95. The distribution of this system is restricted. I will not sell it in bookstores or promote it in mass junk mailings to millions of people.

Using what I call "controlled marketing," only a limited number of persons will even be exposed to the Target Roulette Strategy. Congratulations on reading this far. You are part of a very small group of individuals who have a chance to get in on something really fabulous.

I finally decided to price this system at $99.97 and offer it to 2,500 persons. This brings in a good sum of money to me for my trouble and still maintains the exclusively you will insist once you invest in it.


UPDATE: You've arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of a very special test. From now until next weekend I've dropped the price to just $59.97. I am doing this as a special favor to a very close friend of mine who reminds me that even a price as low as $99.97 is still too high for some people who really need my strategy.

But there's even more good news . . .


Claim These Super Bonuses if You Act Now!

Gift # 1 -  How to Make $10,000 a Playing Roulette! (a $40.00 value) This specially prepared book reveals how you can use the powerful "automatic" strategy to rapidly build up real wealth - safely and in the shortest time possible!  You'll learn -

  • The exact steps you will take to turn a puny bankroll of less than $100 into thousands of dollars - revealed in a precise step-by-step strategy you can use immediately!

  • How to set up your blackjack play like a business where your winnings will compound rapidly - consistently and predictably!

  • A complete perfected plan you can use to go from zero winnings to $10,000 a week using the "automatic blackjack strategy."



Gift #2 "How to Pick An Online Casino (a $40.00 value)  Are you confused about what's important in picking an online casinos?  Most Internet sites recommending online casinos are at best suspect becasue they are affiliated with the very casinos they are recommending!  Here's an unbiased view that covers all the important matters in choosing an online casino

  • You'll learn about casino software and payment processing.

  • You'll discover how to pick up "Free Money" from Match Bonuses and even Free Bonuses.

  • You'll discover what to look for in customer support and casino games that are offered.

  • You'll become an "instant expert" on the different deposit and withdrawal option available.

  • You'll learn about online cash programs (many of them pay you cash) and what to look for.



Gift #3 - Let a Casino Pay for Your Next Vacation! (a $40.00 Value)  This brand new, hot off the press, fact-filled book reveals the latest on getting casinos to literally shower you with comps.  Here's just some of the information packed into this 190 page blockbuster -

  • You'll learn a complete system for getting Free Rooms, Free Food and Beverages and even Free Air Fare. There is nothing else like it!

  • You'll find out where I go to get Free Limousine Service. You can get this even if you are a small bettor and don't know a thing about Las Vegas.

  • I will take you by the hand and take away all of the mystery to becoming a rated player with your own VIP casino card.

  • I'll show you how to use a fairly small amount of "front money" to guarantee that you will always get a Free Room, Free Food and Free Drinks!

  • I'll reveal a little known secret about how you can always get a room even if hotel reservations says they are sold out. And, you can get the room at a substantial discount or even for Free!

  • You'll discover how to get Full VIP Treatment in any casino.

  • I'll give you a step-by-step plan you can use to get casinos to invite you to stay for Free- Month After Month!

  • I'll show you how you can avoid having your cash transactions reported to the U.S. Government (this is really important to maintain your privacy).

  • I'll give you complete guidance on how to report (or not report) your winnings to the IRS.

  • I will even give you complete details on my number one favorite casino in Las Vegas. This casino is a deluxe luxury casino that is offering an eye-watering special for small players. They will give you every comp you can imagine, starting with picking you up in a limousine at the airport. Yet their requirements for casino play are very modest. This property is my favorite location to pull out cash in bundles. Yet they still keep inviting me back and they will you too!

  • I'll show you how to use a fairly small amount of "front money" to guarantee that you will always get a Free Room, Free Food and Free Drinks!

  • I'll reveal a little known secret about how you can always get a room even if hotel reservations says they are sold out. And, you can get the room at a substantial discount or even for Free!

  • You'll discover how to get Full VIP Treatment in any casino.

  • I'll give you a step-by-step plan you can use to get casinos to invite you to stay for Free- Month After Month!

  • You'll get complete insider information on Atlantic City and Las Vegas Slot Clubs.

  • I'll reveal the number one casino in Las Vegas for nickel slot players. Here you will get tremendous freebies even if you have a midget bankroll.

  • I will give you my "secret list" of the best Las Vegas casinos for slot players.

  • I'll reveal the best casinos for quarter slot machine players.

  • You'll discover where to get the best value if you are a dollar slot machine player.



      Special Bonus Gift -  The Best Online Roulette Games!  (a $40.00 Value).   I just put together an extraordinary report called The Best Online Roulette Games.  This report reveals the best of the best online casinos offering roulette..  I played in these same casinos last week and picked up an extra $10,877.  I know you will find this information worth its weigh in gold!

These are the safest online casinos, offering first rate support as well as the fairest and most beatable games around.  I am talking about 100% safe and reliable casinos that offer -

  • Single zero roulette wheels with the lowest odds available (1.35%).

  • Terrific betting limits from as low as $1 to as high as $6,000 wagers.

  • Outstanding customer service with excellent payout histories.

This is the exclusive insider information that my affiliates and I use to win thousands of dollars every week.  However, you must act now to get this report.  Only the next 300 downloads will be offered with amazing report, then this bonus will be withdrawn and it may not be available again at any price!

Please note that this is not just some list of casinos that are our affiliates.  We receive no compensation for making these recommendations.  These are totally objective recommendations based on facts, not hidden payoffs.  

Grab this report now.  It will become your indispensable guide to playing online!




I personally guarantee that you will make at least $2,500 within a year.

You get a full year to try it out at my risk. If Target Roulette somehow fails you (and it hasn't failed to perform yet), just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

Martin J. Silverthorne
Silverthorne Publications, Inc.



I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical - not the 1% who'll take advantage of me. But more importantly . . .

I've been offering this same guarantee for years on carefully selected manual offered by us, and only a handful of customers have failed to make $2,500.

Sure, once in a while there's a tire kicker who buys my course, does nothing with it and then asks for a refund. But as you can see from my testimonials, clients who USE my strategy are wowed by the results, and wouldn't even think of trading my course back for the purchase price.

If $59.97 is a lot of money for you, then ask yourself this: do you really want a proven way to make money on your own terms? Do you believe that making more money is serious business?

If making enough money to enjoy many more of life's pleasures is serious business for you, then what is it worth to ensure that you don't waste the next year of your life? What's it worth to not waste hundreds (or thousands) of dollars - struggling to get ahead with risky and ineffective techniques, while you fall behind in the race to claim what could have been yours in life?

If you have read the testimonials from my customers, you've already seen that the Target Roulette Strategy works.

With the carefully written manual, with its clear and precise step-by-step instructions, you can be making money two hours from now. It is just that powerful and easy to use.



Easily Pay For Your Investment by Tomorrow Night!

Why risk your time, effort and money when you can own the same foolproof, cutting-edge strategy that my protegees and I have used to set up regular incomes that we can depend on?

Buying this manual at only $59.97 is like buying Microsoft stock when it was $10 a share: it's guaranteed to yield tremendous returns.

You can spend years waking up at dawn and surfing the net looking for the next huge opportunity. You can spend tremendous amounts of money buying systems that are unproven and don't work.

But doesn't it make more sense to skip a learning curve that may take years and is very uncertain?

If you answered "Yes" and you want to set up an immediate profit stream, starting right now, with a proven game plan that my triumphant clients have used with great success - and that is guaranteed to make you at least $2,500 within a year (you'll probably make this much by next weekend), - here's how you order:

Click here to order Target Roulette right now with our Secure Server. As soon as your order is approved you will be linked to a special download page where you can access the complete course - and your four big bonuses - immediately. Remember, you have a year in which to evaluate this strategy. If you are not thrilled with this strategy, just e-mail me within the next year, pay nothing and keep the $160 of Free Bonuses. That's a Guaranteed Gain no matter what you decide!

Please order right now to make sure you don't get left out. Your biggest risk is not getting your order in before this offer closes,

Warmest regards,

Martin J. Silverthorne
Silverthorne Publications Inc.

P.S. At this point after reading a typical offer, you are probably thinking to yourself "Do I really want to gamble $59.97?"  Friend, that's exactly why I've offered my "Nothing to Lose" guarantee for a Full Year. If my course doesn't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt - not you.

P.P.S. The Target Roulette Strategy has been thoroughly tested against both real and virtual casinos. We found that it works just as well (you actually win faster playing online) against online casinos as it does against real casinos. That's why I can confidently say that you can be making money two hours from now. It's just that quick.

P.P.P.S. Still not convinced that you need the highly acclaimed proven winning system? Let me give you one more reason why this course is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to quickly and safely increase his or her income.

If you are not using the Target Roulette Strategy, you're losing money.  You can't lose with this deal.  You can try the strategy at your leisure - in either your favorite land-based casino or on the Internet (don't worry if you don't know about Internet gambling, I'll show you how to do this).  If you don't make at least $2,500 clear profit, I will cheerfully refund your money.  Remember this offer will only be kept open at this special price until next weekend. And, it will be closed forever when 2,500 copies of the manual have been released.  Click here to order online now.


"A professional gambling system researcher recommended your work to me.  He has a couple of your systems and he really likes the way they work."
Ian H. - Ontario, Canada

"I have found your publications to be worthwhile and have found every one of them to be beneficial enough that they have at least paid for themselves.

"Target Roulette has been exceptionally favorable. I would like to give you and the author my sincere thanks for providing me with this information. The publication is well worth the price and has given me much more fun and profit than I ever imagined. I've studied video poker, craps, blackjack, etc. but this system and method of playing on roulette has been the most beneficial and the most profitable.

"With patience and discipline I have found myself well rewarded.

"I have made some minor changes and do not follow the program totally. I vary my method of playing based upon what is occurring, but essentially
the theory presented is legitimate and profitable. 

"Overall I am very pleased and very thankful for your publication. You may use this letter in promotions as I feel it has been very beneficial."
Meyer C. - Omaha, Nebraska


"Having purchased your book I put your system to work and my winnings increased dramatically."
Ray P. - Rock Springs, Wyoming


"I heartily congratulate you on your promising spirit and unique approach to life.  I am winning 90% of the time."
Theodore Z. - Las Vegas, Nevada


"I have purchased Target Roulette and am very grateful for the advice you give.

"I live in Vegas and play Roulette daily. Thanks to you...
I am a regular winner."
David B. - Henderson, Nevada


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